Crochet Merhorse

Do you ever look back at your project notes and wonder what the heck you were thinking and why you didn’t write more?

Project Details

PATTERN: Mermaid Unicorn Hippocampus by Megan Lapp (links to Ravelry and Megan’s site)

HOOKS: 3.5mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 1.2 balls (180m) King Cole Glitz Chunky (1959 Petal, dye lot 617897)
  • 2.6 ball (338m) King Cole Glitz Chunky (173 White, dye lot 617895)
  • Heavy-gauge crafting wire
  • Safety eyes
  • Polyfill stuffing

STARTED: February 28th, 2019
FINISHED: July 6th, 2019

27th April 2019

Finished the body. I can’t do much at a time, my hands keep cramping, but I couldn’t have used a larger hook or the stuffing would show through.

Remind me to wind my yarn before I start a project.

16th May 2019:

Finished the head. Bit of an adventure finding where I’d put my box of eyes, though! (Whoever thought I could say that on the internet without getting arrested?)

17th May 2019:

Head attached to body. It’s a teeny bit wonky so I’m not entirely happy with it, but hopefully the horn and ears will help even it out. Or maybe my niece just won’t notice… 

18th May 2019:

First foreleg made. The instructions aren’t the clearest, especially around the back of the knee where you have to work “around” the previous row’s slip stitches. The pattern could benefit from more photographs.

21st May 2019:

The second foreleg and first upper leg are ready. I think I’ll finish crocheting all the pieces before attempting to attach them.

29th May 2019:

I have one tail fin on a blocking mat (as per sconstein’s Each Uisge notes (links to Ravelry)). It’s much larger than I’d realised it was going to be, but it’s going to look awesome.

I had originally planned to make the tail partly pink and partly mint. However, I think stripes would have looked wrong for this project, and I couldn’t figure out how to gradiate the two colours together. (More to the point, I didn’t want to spend the time/energy on figuring out how if the first idea didn’t work.) So, purely pink the tail is; I might use mint for the side fins and part of the hair, but I think white and pink will look great (and suit my niece).

3rd June 2019:

Second tail fin on the blocking mat. 🙂

4th June 2019:

I’ve done the horn. I struggled so much with the back loops that I wound up just crocheting as normal (through both loops). It doesn’t look the best, but I’m thinking of “embroidering” the spiral around the horn, somehow. Maybe some metallic pink thread…

25th June 2019:

I attached Sassycorn’s horn and upper left leg yesterday.

The horn looks massive but I’m hoping the ears (which I forgot to crochet ) and mane will balance it out to make it look as intended.

I really do not enjoy seaming. 

2nd July, 2019:

Sassycorn has both legs and tail fins now. The horn still looks ridiculous, but the legs are even worse; the instructions are not nearly clear enough and nowhere does it tell you how to sew on the limbs, just that you should. I (wrongly) had to decipher positioning from the (too vague for purpose) photographs — and realised after the fact that I’d laid the forelimbs outside the thighs so they look stupid.

I plan to do some fringing or something to hide the knee, but I’ll leave it ‘til last to be sure I’ll have enough yarn. I’m kind of hoping it won’t be necessary…

6th July, 2019:

Sassycorn is finished! She looks much better with all her bits attached and a mane to suit a princess (although I might brush through it; it looks a bit raggedy at the mo).

I kind of wish I’d found a way to wire the tail fins because they’re very floppy (possibly the yarn choice; this is very soft) but she looks really good.

My niece had better like it. She loved it.


I’m not great at amigurumi because, unfortunately, a lot of it requires some sort of sewing. While I enjoy actual sewing projects with fabric, I do not like attaching crochet or knitted pieces to one another. I have no idea why.

Why, then, do I continue to dive into patterns I know are going to be a pain in the butt? Well, because they’re too dang cute not to, and I do enjoy a challenge.

In any event, while I struggled with the pattern, I’m not sure how much of that is actually at the pattern end and how much of it is just me being an idiot. Either way, I love Megan’s work so I may well find myself buying more of her patterns in the future. (Whether I’ll actually make them or not…)

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