12 ways to create a digital story bible

Much like the hard copy story bibles I’ve mentioned previously, digital versions have their flaws, too: your laptop might run out of battery when you need your notes the most, or your hard drive could crash and destroy all your hard work. Online resources will no longer be accessible unless you pay a small fortune for a…

4 ways to create a paper story bible

A while ago, I explained why you need a story bible. Today, I’m going to discuss your options for organising your notes in hard copy, such as notebooks or ring binders.

Why you need a story bible

There are post-its all over your house, you’ve got roughly fifty notebooks with half of this scene in here and this profile in there, a dozen apps open on your computer, and various binders or stacks of loose papers with sketches and print-outs and hand-drawn maps on this shelf and that shelf. Yet, whenever you…

Why you should write at your own pace

When I can write, my daily average is around 2,500 words (though I can easily hit 8-10,000 if I’m on a roll). I can keep up that pace for a month or two, just long enough to get a full draft out of NANOWRIMO, but then I might not write again for a year.

How music playlists can help you write

It seems like music playlists are big among writers. I’ve seen people spend inordinate amounts of time coming up with the perfect soundtrack for their characters, especially in the roleplaying world. It’s as inspiring to them as art and maps are to me.

Why originality matters (but also doesn’t)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard by now of elves and dwarves and orcs and centaurs and mermaids and unicorns and vampires and — well, you get the idea. Modern fantasy is saturated with them to the point where it seems like fantasy writers don’t even try to come up…

What’s in a name?

Once I’d decided to follow up The Dragon Lord with a sequel, I knew exactly who to give the story to: Cash Azella, one of the bodyguards from TDL, had an ‘in’ with the enemy they faced. Cash was supposed to go behind enemy lines as a spurned traitor and find out what the bad…

How to avoid saying “said”

I’ve heard repeated arguments that you should avoid using any other word than “said” for when a character speaks.

6 ways to catch mistakes

Have you ever heard about that phenomenom where you can swap all the ltetrs in a wrod and still be able to read it properly, as long as the first and last letters are correct? How many versions of Benedict Cumberbatch have you seen and giggled at? (One of my favourites involved cucumbers.) How many…