How to avoid saying "said"

How to avoid saying “said”

I’ve heard repeated arguments that you should avoid using any other word than “said” for when a character speaks.

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The Planner Society July

Confessions of a Plannerholic: The Planner Society

July’s was my last kit from The Planner Society after I cancelled at the end of May.

My confession is that I both regret cancelling, and am also relieved.

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The Gathering

The Gathering Personal Filofax Printable

This is a booklet designed for ring-bound planners like the personal-sized Filofax or medium-sized Kikki K.

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KitKat in a Box

8 US Cat Boxes

When I first started researching subscription boxes for cats, it was actually for my American friend. Since I’m British, it seemed weird to write a blog post that wasn’t aimed at other Brits — but it also seemed like a waste of a good list to not write a counterpart to my UK Subscription Boxes.

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A cluttered workspace in Liquid Story Binder

How to structure your files in Liquid Story Binder

When I first started using Liquid Story Binder XE, I used a very simple file structure: I saved dossiers by character name and builders by draft number.

The larger my Guardians binder grew, though, the more difficult it got to wade through all the files in search of the one I needed. I could never remember if I’d saved “Itor Verka” by her full name or just by “Verka” — or even by her old name, Burga — and how could I tell a species apart from a location just at a glance?

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101 Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill

101 gift ideas for the chronically ill: Part 1

Having trouble deciding what to buy the chronically ill or disabled person in your life?

Here’s Part One of 101 gift ideas.
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5 ways to catch mistakes

5 ways to catch mistakes

Have you ever heard about that phenomenom where you can swap all the ltetrs in a wrod and still be able to read it properly, as long as the first and last letters are correct.

How many versions of Benedict Cumberbatch have you seen and giggled at? (One of my favourites involved cucumbers.)

How many times have you proofread an essay (back when they were handwritten, at least), only to get pulled up by your teacher on typos anyway? (And even now that our computers do most of the spell checking for us, Microsoft Word still doesn’t know which witch is which.)

I’ll bet all of these sound familiar to you, so here are five ways to catch mistakes in your writing before they kill your reputation.

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