101 Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill

101 gift ideas for the chronically ill: Part 1

Having trouble deciding what to buy the chronically ill or disabled person in your life?

Here’s Part One of 101 gift ideas.
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5 ways to catch mistakes

5 ways to catch mistakes

Have you ever heard about that phenomenom where you can swap all the ltetrs in a wrod and still be able to read it properly, as long as the first and last letters are correct.

How many versions of Benedict Cumberbatch have you seen and giggled at? (One of my favourites involved cucumbers.)

How many times have you proofread an essay (back when they were handwritten, at least), only to get pulled up by your teacher on typos anyway? (And even now that our computers do most of the spell checking for us, Microsoft Word still doesn’t know which witch is which.)

I’ll bet all of these sound familiar to you, so here are five ways to catch mistakes in your writing before they kill your reputation.

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Happy Planner stack

Confessions of a Plannerholic: American Envy


I want a Day Designer™. I can’t help it. I have a sudden hankering for a coil-bound planner or notebook that I can fold back on itself like my Happy Planner, and an entirely separate but related craving for a daily planner that will let me keep my blog thoughts organised even when I’m not on the computer.

(Trello is great, Trello is good, but Trello is not omnipresent and you just can’t beat paper and pen no matter how hard you try.)

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8 ways to keep your cats cool in summer

You might have seen me mention this before, but KitKat was supposed to be a British shorthair. I’ve never minded that she turned out to be the fluffiest cat that ever fluffed (though my carpet has suffered somewhat because she likes to scrape off dead fur by rolling all over it), but it did add some concerns to my already worry-warty ways.

Chiefly: how the heck do you keep a cat with that much fur cool in the summer?

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Week 29

Week 29 Planner Spread: British Summer

For some reason, I forgot to take pictures of this week’s spread before I scribbled all over it. (Or maybe I lost said photos somewhere in the aether between my iPhone, iPad, and computer. Who knows?)

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Eating with a sore throat

6 tips for eating with a sore throat

Do you wake up with a sore throat every morning? Do you get cramp in your jaw and cheeks when you salivate? Having difficulty swallowing because you can’t sit up properly in bed?

Me too! It’s an awesome club to be in, am I right?


Yeah, probably not…

Anyway, here are 6 ways to eat when it’s the last thing your throat wants you to do.

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Week 28

Week 28 Happy Planner Spread: Under the Sea

I’ve been wanting to do a marine spread for a good long while, now, but I could never quite wrap my head around it, and always wound up doing something else instead.

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