Confessions of a Plannerholic: Disappointing Purchases: MAMBI Punch review

When I first bought the Happy Planner punch from Me & My BIG Ideas™, I was so freaking excited.

Imagine, I thought. Imagine all the things I could do with this punch.

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101 Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill

101 gift ideas for the chronically ill: Part 2

Part Two of my 101 Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill series is extremely timely today because it’s my birthday. Yayyyy!😀

You can find the first 25 suggestions here.
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How to avoid saying "said"

How to avoid saying “said”

I’ve heard repeated arguments that you should avoid using any other word than “said” for when a character speaks.

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The Planner Society July

Confessions of a Plannerholic: The Planner Society

July’s was my last kit from The Planner Society after I cancelled at the end of May.

My confession is that I both regret cancelling, and am also relieved.

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The Gathering

The Gathering Personal Filofax Printable

This is a booklet designed for ring-bound planners like the personal-sized Filofax or medium-sized Kikki K.

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KitKat in a Box

8 US Cat Boxes

When I first started researching subscription boxes for cats, it was actually for my American friend. Since I’m British, it seemed weird to write a blog post that wasn’t aimed at other Brits — but it also seemed like a waste of a good list to not write a counterpart to my UK Subscription Boxes.

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