Paparazzi Writing Tracker for Traveller’s Notebook

It’s been a while since I released a writing tracker! I’ve fallen a little bit in love with travellers’ notebooks, so I figured I’d make a little something for that size.

Aren’t these cameras by Marusha Belle just so freaking cute?

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5 Handy Gifts for Writers

5 Handy Gifts For Writers

Need help figuring out what to buy your writer friends? Try these 5 handy gift ideas!

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Winter Wonderland Wallpapers

Warm & Toasty Wallpaper for Desktop

I adore winter! I mean, I love autumn because of all the pretty gold and red, but winter has to be my favourite time of the year. Christmas is coming, which is always exciting, but there’s just something about the way light refracts and everything feels cosy that feels utterly magical.

And these illustrations from the Creative Market were too hard to resist. Please excuse the puns! 😂

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12 ways to create a digital story bible

12 Ways To Create A Digital Story Bible

Much like the hard copy story bibles I’ve mentioned previously, digital versions have their flaws, too: your laptop might run out of battery when you need your notes the most, or your hard drive could crash and destroy all your hard work. Online resources will no longer be accessible unless you pay a small fortune for a data plan or can access free WiFi when you’re out and about.

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National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner! I’ve put together a short checklist to help you get ready to start writing. Use it in combination with my NANOWRIMO Survival Kit from last month and you’re all set!

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4 ways to create a paper story bible

4 Ways To Create A Paper Story Bible

A while ago, I explained why you need a story bible. Today, I’m going to discuss your options for organising your notes in hard copy, such as notebooks or ring binders.

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NANOWRIMO Survival Kit

NANOWRIMO Survival Kit

It’s almost that time of the year again: National Novel Writing Month, known to non-writers as November, where we silly writers attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll be participating this November, but there can never be too many goodies for those who do. I put together a little Survival Kit checklist to help you get through the month!

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Why you need a story bible

Why You Need A Story Bible

There are post-its all over your house, you’ve got roughly fifty notebooks with half of this scene in here and this profile in there, a dozen apps open on your computer, and various binders or stacks of loose papers with sketches and print-outs and hand-drawn maps on this shelf and that shelf.

Yet, whenever you want to find that one piece of information or fact-check the sentence you just wrote, you have no idea which of your many sources of notes to look in or if this version of that character is more up-to-date than that version.

If this is you, then it’s probably time to set yourself up with a story bible.

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September 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

September wallpaper for desktop

I’m feeling a bit spotty for September! Or would you prefer the plaid? ;D

By the way, I’m altering my posting schedule to focus on resources and advice for writers. That means I’ll only be posting twice a month, with an article or tutorial on the first Monday of the month and a freebie on the third.

This will be the last set of calendar wallpapers I release. Enjoy!

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Why you should write at your own pace

Why you should write at your own pace

When I can write, my daily average is around 2,500 words (though I can easily hit 8-10,000 if I’m on a roll). I can keep up that pace for a month or two, just long enough to get a full draft out of NANOWRIMO, but then I might not write again for a year.

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