Dinosaur Blanket

My nephew, like many boys his age, has been obsessed with dinosaurs for as far back as I can remember. He’s into double digits now and, thankfully (because I get to revisit my own obsession) still interested in them (though perhaps not to the same extent as he was…

Project Details

PATTERN: 2-in-1 Triceratops Dinosaur Blanket by Ariana Wimsett (links to Ariana’s site)

HOOKS: 4.5mm, 10mm and 12mm
NEEDLES: 3.5mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 0.5 ball (150m) Robin DK (016 Apple, dye lot 14)
  • 16 balls (1273m) Robin Super Chunky (016 Apple, dye lot 05)
  • 0.5 balls (40m) Robin Super Chunky (027 Silver, dye lot 14)

STARTED: August 1st, 2019
FINISHED: September 5th, 2019

9th August 2019:

I chained 2×14 more than the pattern called for because my niece’s unicorn blanket doesn’t wrap as much as I’d have liked and this is for the bigger kid.

That might have been a mistake, though. I just passed 60cm (height — the pattern doesn’t specify how many rows, just to keep going until the desired length) and I’m on my 8th skein. I can see needing to buy more of this yarn, too. 

It works up pretty quick, at least.

You can see the scale-like texture created by working in the back loops in a wave pattern.

11th August 2019:

I’ve passed 80cm and I’m on skein #10. I’m going to need more.

Harvey just passed the 135cm no-booster-seat rule so I think this will need to be at least 120cm. Not sure how many more skeins to buy.

The pattern claims to make a blanket 110x130cm. I’m not sure if that includes the hood… but I’m going to aim for 130cm before the hood.

13th August 2019:

I’ve finished skein #10 at around 90cm. I’m not really sure how much yarn the hood will require so I’m holding off on purchasing more.

I used a plastic basket to store the folded blanket while I worked on it. I did try to feed the yarn through one of the holes in the side but it rubbed against the edge too much.

14th August 2019:

Just passed 100cm.

15th August 2019:

On to skein #12. Ordered a further four from Wool Warehouse (plus an extra silver and a DK in apple).

16th August 2019:

I finished the main part of the blanket at 120cm (used the last of the original 13 balls of Robin Super Chunky in Apple) only to realise that I’ve somehow gotten the back-loop-only rows the wrong way around for the last two repeats. 

I really don’t want to frog the last two balls. The yarn barf will be horrendous. But needs must, and all that…

So I started the slippers instead. 

One of my carers modelling the hoodless blanket for me to show how wide it is. (Maybe too wide?) Oh well, it’ll be extra snuggly!

18th August 2019:

I got past the heel on the slippers, only to realise it’s too small. I need to frog back and add a couple of rows to the foot.

However, I’m not entirely happy with the way it looks. The way the crochet sock is constructed, there’s a hole right at the back of the heel and it’s not insignificant. (It may be my inexperience to blame for the size of it? But the technique itself means that hole will be there in every instance of this sock.)

I decided to try a knitted sock instead/as well, so I searched for childrens’ socks and found the DROPS 0-865 Twinkle Toes. I’m going to do it all in green, then add the decorations from Julie Potts’ Dinosaur Slipper Socks (links to Ravelry) to make them look like dinosaurs (assuming I don’t get all confuzzlerated about knitting socks again).

At least I can say I have one pair of finished socks under my belt!

In the meantime, the extra yarn arrived from Wool Warehouse yesterday (man, they’re quick!) and so I started on the hood.

I hadn’t realised how exhausting it is to crochet with super chunky yarn and a 10mm hook until I started on the crochet slippers (DK with a 4.5mm hook) and blasted through it. I think I’ll try and steer clear of super chunky in the future.

19th August 3029:

I finished the hood yesterday.

Pattern amendments for the socks:

CO 52 with 3.25mm needles*, then 15r of 2x2 rib.
For the decrease row: (K1, K2tog, then knit to end of needle)** and repeat for all four all needles. 
K for 14cm, then work heel.

* Because my 3.5mm were in use elsewhere.
** It’s not quite “decrease evenly” as called for, but it saves me trying to do maths.

20th August 2019:

Hood attached. And I did about 6cm of the stockinette for the first sock yesterday.

So many ends to weave in!

21st August 2019:

Added the grey border to the blanket.

Sock #1 is at about 10cm for the leg.

22nd August 2019:

Sock #1 is now at 14cm (50 rows, not including the one on the needles). Heel next!

Heel is 13 rows before the decrease, not counting the needles.

Crocheted 4 out of 5 horns for the blanket hood. I was back and forth between the stegosaur and the triceratops, but talking it out brought me to the conclusion that spines probably aren’t going to be the comfiest thing to lie on (no matter how soft/squishy they are). (I also like the triceratops hood for the interest the horns and eyes add; the steg hood looks pretty blank and boring, especially when the blanket’s folded up inside it.)

24th August 2019:

Attached the ear-horn things to the hood today. Turns out I sewed the hood on upside down.

Another day, another model.

Wove in the ends, and went to sew on the eyes only to realise I’d also forgotten to crochet three of the grey actual-horn things. 

What even is my brain.

25th August 2019:

I finished the blanket!

And I finished the first sock! (Well, the base; I still have all the decorating to do.) I’m not entirely happy with the heel or the toe, but it’s the style and not anything I’ve done. Hopefully as I get better at sock knitting, I’ll be able to find heels and toes that are more like the ones in commercial socks.

4th September 2019:

Finished the second sock base. They’re not quite the same; I think I knitted one or two rows extra on the second foot (I stopped counting rows after the heel, like an idiot) and somehow the toe is pointier? Like? ???

Pointy-toed socks are the worst.

5th September 2019:

Made and attached eyes and teeth to socks.


My nephew loved this set so much I don’t think he took it off for a week. Unfortunately, the legs of the socks were too loose, so he brought them back at some point and I wove a ribbon through so he can tighten or loosen them as needed.

Is it me, or are these guys a little too eager to meet an edible snack my nephew?

I was really happy with his reaction so I call this one a success!

I wound up with quite a bit of yarn left over, so I made a dinosaur hat for my nephew’s next birthday, striped mitts, two more hats, and Totoro mittens.

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