Slipper Round-Up

Following on from March’s round-up of all the Labbies I’ve made, today I’m going to show off all the slippers I’ve crocheted from Mamachee’s pattern, Oma’s House Slippers.

All My Labbies

Since my portfolio is kind of hidden and probably doesn’t send notifications or anything when I post there, that I’d do a sort of highlight reel instead. Because who doesn’t like showing off the things they’ve made? I certainly do!

September Highlights

So, here we are, a week into January—er, I mean, September—and we’re less than four months away from Christmas. Usually, by now I’d have a gift list and probably even have half the items already on the way. This year, it’s proving very difficult to get excited about something that I love but that is…

August Highlights

You probably hear this a lot, but how in the double heck kitty sticks did it get to halfway through August already? Actually, never mind that. How are we only four months away from Christmas 2020?

July Highlights

I’ve been transferring projects out of my Ravelry notebook here to my blog. I’m using the Portfolio section so you won’t be inundated with notifications every time I make a tiny adjustment or update my WIP notes, but that also means I won’t get to show off. Hence, a new (to me) post type: monthly…

Ravelry May Cause Harm

Ravelry switched over to a new site theme on the 16th of June, 2020. Unfortunately for many users, this new look is triggering migraines, headaches, eye strain, seizures and other visual disturbances, as well as physical strain in the wrists. Whether they normally suffer from these types of things or not, people are reporting medical…