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Ravelry May Cause Harm

Ravelry switched over to a new site theme on the 16th of June, 2020. Unfortunately for many users, this new look is triggering migraines, headaches, eye strain, seizures and other visual disturbances, as well as physical strain in the wrists. Whether they normally suffer from these types of things or not, people are reporting medical… Continue reading Ravelry May Cause Harm

Party bear sewing kit

Mollie’s Challenge: Party Bear

By the time I started working on this cute little party bear (from issue #100 of Mollie Makes), my enthusiasm for this challenge had begun to seriously dwindle. The projects were getting harder -- a deliberate choice on my end, but still a choice that made it difficult to maintain my commitment.     And… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge: Party Bear

Succulent hoop

Mollie’s Challenge: Hoop Art

I've been both looking forward to this one and dreading it: there are so. many. French. knots. If you're an embroiderer, cross-stitcher, or anyone with any experience at all with needle and thread, you'll understand why that's a bad thing.     For everyone else: French knots are the bane of hand-sewers everywhere. The first knot… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge: Hoop Art

Festive loom kit

Mollie’s Challenge: Festive Loom Kit

I started this kit a while back, but didn't get very far before I put it away.   When I got it back out again, the magazine with the instructions was on my shelf out of reach (again) so I just kind of made it up as I went. I finally got it out for… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge: Festive Loom Kit

Toucan keyring kit

Mollie’s Challenge: Toucan Keyring

Ladies and gentlemen, the craft kit that started it all: the toucan keyring from issue #94 of Mollie Makes. You know, the back issue I bought because I just had to have it? Because, while flamingos are my official obsession (of tropical theme, anyway), I love toucy-toucies almost as much? Yeah. And then I let it sit on… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge: Toucan Keyring

Mini pennant kit

Mollie’s Challenge: Mini Pennant

So, my self-imposed Mollie's Challenge begins! I wasn't sure which kit to start with, but felt like doing something that didn't require too much thought. (I'm currently working on two patterns that involve a lot of counting and it's really not my strong suit.)     Along with the essentials (embroidery thread, needle, pompom yarn,… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge: Mini Pennant

Mollie Makes freebies

Mollie’s Challenge

Last spring, I got a bargain subscription to Mollie Makes magazine of 5 issues for £5. Who can pass that up? I also bought a few back issues that had freebies or content that I really needed in my life. I accidentally kept the subscription, so I'm swimming in freebie projects that I've never done anything… Continue reading Mollie’s Challenge