8 US Cat Boxes

KitKat in a Box

When I first started researching subscription boxes for cats, it was actually for my American friend. Since I’m British, it seemed weird to write a blog post that wasn’t aimed at other Brits — but it also seemed like a waste of a good list to not write a counterpart to my UK Subscription Boxes.

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KitKat’s adventures with water fountains

Water Fountains

KitKat has had cystitis twice since January. Apparently, water infections can be lethal to cats, so I spent some time researching ways to minimise the risk.

Beyond preventing her from eating human food (I know, I’m a terrible cat mom) and switching her to a wet-food-only diet to reduce the minerals and whatnot in her system, the best answer I could find was to get her a drinking fountain.


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6 UK Cat Boxes

KitKat in a Box

I’ve only tried Cat Hampurr (read my review) so I can’t do a proper review of the others for you. Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think!

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