Crochet Dragon

There are finite gift ideas for a nephew almost (at the time; he is now) in the double digits. I like to consider myself the “fun aunt”, the one who spends all year considering and plotting and researching presents, who pours their heart and soul into the making of a thing the child may use only once.

But I’m a child at heart myself, and these are all things I secretly wish I could own for myself, or that someone else would have made for me when I was young (or now, even, though I haven’t the room for the display of whimsy I’d truly adore). So, am I making them for my niblings, or am I really making them for myself?

Baby dragon opens its eyes. 

I guess we’ll never know!
(It’s both.)

Project Details

PATTERN: Dragon, Add-On: More Front Legs and Add-On: Extra Ornamentation by Megan Lapp (links to Ravelry and Megan’s site)

HOOKS: 3.5mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 2.2 balls (330m) King Cole Glitz Chunky (1726 Midnight, dye lot 53537)
  • 1 ball (135m) King Cole Glitz Chunky (1727 Platinum, dye lot 53536)
  • Heavy-gauge crafting wire

STARTED: November 14th, 2018
FINISHED: February 9th, 2019

The wire gets in the way a lot while you’re crocheting!

Okay, so I’m used to doing amigurumi in a spiral, so the slip-stitch round-ending totally threw me and it took half a dozen attempts at the head to realise what the heck I was doing wrong. (Stitch markers. Stitch markers, Emma!! When will you learn?)

I tried in navy and decided it was too dark to work with for the bulk of the dragon, so switched to the silver in the midst of all that faffing about. I then decided that it looks better right-way-round (where most amigurumi I’ve made calls for the “wrong” side of the stitch/fabric to be the right side) and that I had, thus, put the nostrils on the wrong side.

I’m now having second thoughts about the colour choices. I bought three of the navy for a reason and only two of the silver. It’ll look pretty spectacular either way, but I’m umming and ahhing quite a bit over here.

The wingless baby dragon begins to explore its surroundings. 

At some point, I also went completely nuts and ordered a new Furls Streamline in 3.5mm because my Clovers squeak so bad they drive me up the wall. This project is in hibernation until said hook arrives and I can crochet without wanting to stab myself in the eyes repeatedly with the smallest hook I’ve got. (It’s a 1.5mm steel Clover Soft Touch, if you’re interested.)

25th November, 2018:

Taken out of hibernation. Eyes ordered. I’ve decided to continue with my Clover hook because the 3.5mm Furls Streamline I bought broke only eight stitches into the head. (Craft lords, save me from the squeak!)

Baby dragon cleaning his new pawsies. (Looks like a velociraptor from that famous movie!)

26th November, 2018:

I’m not sure I’m doing this right. The slip stitches are very obvious and, from what I can tell, there’s nothing going on the head to hide them (unlike the belly piece that will cover the slip stitches on the body).


Also, as you can probably tell from the photo(s), I decided to switch back to navy as the main colour.

6th December, 2018:

So I finished the head (which looks very cute) and moved on to the body. Which… seems very long compared to the pattern photos? I’m working in chunky with a 3.5mm hook so I expected it to be larger, and maybe I’m just not seeing the big picture yet, but the tail section looks disproportionately large compared to the head.

Now he has a belly. Watch out for your sheep! *mwahahahaha*

It’s going to be mahoosive. 

16th December, 2018:

It is indeed going to be mahoosive but that’s okay!

I sewed the head to the body today and it looks great. I can’t decide if I should try the legs or belly first, so I might do both and pin them before seeing to see which will be easier to attach…

Growing some wings, bone first… (Looks painful!)

15th January, 2019:

Attached legs. He looks more like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park than a dragon right now.

I hate seaming.

16th January, 2019:

Attached belly. It miiiiight be a bit not straight?

I tried to make him some glasses, but they were wonky AF and wouldn’t stay on.

I still hate seaming.

9th February, 2019:

I about near broke my thumb attaching the spine, and I think I actually prefer him without the fin ears, but Mr. Dragon is done! I’m going to take at least a month break from seaming. At least.

Oh good. He can fly AND he looks even more like a dinosaur.


I really need to stop questioning patterns before I’ve even really started and just trust the designers. So many times, I’ve looked at a pattern and thought “WTAF is going on in here” but I’m nowhere near experienced enough as a crocheter to figure that shit out at a glance.

I also need to start doing as instructed and read the pattern all the way through before I start, but that’s not gonna happen.

The adult blue dragon looks around for a tasty treat.

Also, as with the Crochet Caravan and Van, the wire keeps popping out. I double-taped it, I twisted it into circles, I did everything I could think of to keep the skeleton inside the flesh, but it will. not. stay. in. I’ve thus had to fix both this and my niece’s version, but my nephew at least still sleeps with his dragon buddy so it’s probably not that bad?

If I ever make something like this again, screw the wire (except for maybe the wings or whatever). Nice concept, but it was an absolute pain in the jerkface to work with.

I adore Megan’s patterns, though. Seriously, go check out her website, especially her portfolio. Yum.

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