Top 3 name generators

Top 3 Name Generators for Writers

Given how important names can be, it’s little wonder they’re so difficult to create.

I don’t normally have trouble with titles or the names of my main characters (they usually just jump out of my skull and bite me on the nose), but it’s a pain in the butt to generate a dozen or a hundred or a hundred dozen names for places and things — especially when you’re trying to write.

Thankfully, some kind souls have taken it upon themselves to provide databases full of names you can assign to your characters, places, critters, and factions, even if they’re only temporary placeholders.

These are my Top 3.

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What’s in a name?

What's in a name?

Once I’d decided to follow up The Dragon Lord with a sequel, I knew exactly who to give the story to: Cash Azella, one of the bodyguards from TDL, had an ‘in’ with the enemy they faced. Cash was supposed to go behind enemy lines as a spurned traitor and find out what the bad guys were up to, stumbling across his love interest along the way.

At some point between books, I changed the alphabet and naming conventions of his culture. Azhela Qhashiil was the exact same man, but he no longer wanted a story of his own. Changing how I spelled his name (not even the name itself!) somehow altered his entire future.

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