Toy Store Kit for Happy Planner

Do you prefer traditional or trendy Christmas colours? Either way, you can grab this gorgeous sticker kit for your Classic Happy Planner!

Woodland Kit for Happy Planner

Orange isn’t normally my favourite colour, but these pretty woodland animals are just perfect for autumn in your Happy Planner!

Merboys Kit for Happy Planner

Man, I hate the taste of water, but I could quite happily chill with these adorable merboys in a nice cold tub right about now.

Carousel Kit for Happy Planner

This cute Mommy & Baby themed digital paper kit I got from Karamfila Designs is so freaking cute. I’m not a mom but I would quite happily sit in a room full of these adorable characters!

Owl Love You Forever Kit for Happy Planner

A couple of years ago, I bought some new owl-themed pyjamas. I can’t remember the really juicy ones now, but this prompted at least a week’s worth of owl puns. (Owl be back. Owl be seeing you. Owl… yeah, that’s your lot.) I love puns, and I love stickers, so this kit sort of made…