Finished Projects

Autumn Labby

Yet another Grumpy Cat? Don’t mind if I do!

Autumn Slippers for Me

Autumn Slippers

When I bought the Mulled Spice Wine yarn from Mothy and the Squid, I intended it for a cardigan or sweater or something for autumn. Unfortunately, my Seaside Cardigan is taking so long that I don’t want to add another big project right now, so I decided to make myself some autumn slippers instead.

Busy Bee Commode Blanket

I have a large commode next to my bed with an ugly blue seat and back. I’ve wanted to cover it for a while, so when I saw MangoMum’s lovely Busy Bee crochet blanket pattern and found the perfect(ish) yarn for it, I knew where it was going.

Cabaret Cowl Pattern

I needed a gift for a carer, and I had some gorgeous sparkly yarns I wanted to play with. I’ve never finished a cowl before.

Confetti Mitts

Confetti Mitts

Emma over at Puddleside Musings has sent me a few hanks of hand-dyed yarn over the last couple of years. I’ve had vague ideas for them but then it came to April and I realised how Eastery this yarn (which her mum dyed and called Confetti Cake) looks. I decided it would make great spring-time fingerless mitts.

Cosmic CAL Chicken Cushion + Doorstop

Mandalas are an excellent way to bust your stash.

Cosmic Pop! CAL

Cosmic Pop!

I had a ton of the Bernat Pop! yarn left over after making my niece’s unicorn blanket, so I decided to make another Cosmic CAL. (One day I will actually finish the pattern all the way into a blanket. Today is not that day.)

The exterior of a doll house style crocheted caravan

Crochet Caravan

I found a pattern for a vintage caravan that seemed too perfect for my 5-year-old niece to pass up, and I had a ton of Cascade Luna I didn’t like, plus a huge stash of bits and bobs I wanted to bust.

Finished dragon looking rather pleased with himself

Crochet Dragon

There are finite gift ideas for a nephew almost in the double digits. I like to consider myself the “fun aunt”, the one who spends all year considering and plotting and researching presents, who pours their heart and soul into the making of a thing the child may use only once.

Unicorn Merhorse

Crochet Merhorse

Do you ever look back at your project notes and wonder what the heck you were thinking and why you didn’t write more?

The exterior of a doll house style Volkswagon Van

Crochet Van

After making my niece’s Crochet Caravan, my nephew asked for one, too. I didn’t want to make it the except same (I don’t like to repeat projects, if I can help it–and the caravan was challenging enough that I really didn’t want to repeat that!) I can’t remember if I went looking or if I stumbled across this pattern by accident, but it was perfect: it just needed enlarging.

Dinosaur Blanket

Dinosaur Blanket

My nephew, like many boys his age, has been obsessed with dinosaurs for as far back as I can remember. He’s into double digits now and, thankfully (because I get to revisit my own obsession) still interested in them (though perhaps not to the same extent as he was…)

Nose and tail of the finished draught excluder

Dumbledog the Draught Excluder

I saw this pattern a while ago and earmarked it as a gift for… someone. I finally know who I’m making it for; let the party commence!

Flower Slippers

Flower Slippers

This slipper pattern is pretty quick to work up and makes a lovely gift.

Harry Potter Scarves and Hats

My sister asked me, a week before his birthday, if I’d like to do this Harry Potter scarf kit for my nephew. It takes me much longer than that to knit anything, so I said I’d make it for Christmas — which meant doing a matching version for his sister, too.

Labby the Angry Cat

Labby the Angry Cat

Another pattern that I just had to make as soon as I saw it! And since we were hosting a giveaway for KitKat’s 7th birthday, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.

Labby the Second

I don’t usually repeat patterns: once I’ve made a thing once, I consider it “conquered” and it’s now too boring to do again. However, I’m very interested in figuring out if Labby the Angry Cat can be knit in the round instead of worked flat.

Labette the Grumpy Kitty with toe beans


I’ve decided to make a girlfriend for Labby the Second. I guess I’m still in the mood to experiment! I want to try cutting out some of the stockinette rows in his head to see if he looks better a bit more squat.

More Labbies

An overview of my growing collection of Labby the Angry Cat by Ngoc Vu.

Mowbray's Blue Sweater

Mowbray’s Wardrobe

I’ve been promising Mowbray his own handmade wardrobe for years and I finally feel comfortable enough to try. Here goes!

A knitted red and white Christmas stocking

Mr. Kringle’s Stocking

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew I had to have (and make) it!


Who doesn’t love a beautiful mandala that works up quickly and could become a blanket if you kept going?

Slippers Galore

A whole new bunch of slippers right off the hook!

Family of crocheted snowmen in white and red

Snow Family

I wanted to make Santa sacks to hold/display my niblings’ Christmas gifts, which are often too large to wrap individually. I used the leftover yarn to make a family of snowmen.

Snowman Draught Excluder

Snowman Draught Excluder

I’d been wracking my brain for something to make for my (late) grandparents for Christmas 2018. Everything I’d tried so far, from a double-knit gingerbread house potholder to crocheted leaf-shaped placemats, was now in the frogged section of my projects (or deleted entirely). And then I found the perfect gift!

Striped Mitts

Striped Mitts

I had some yarn left over from my nephew’s Dinosaur Blanket set, and what better to do with it than to make some fingerless mitts for my friend who has a January birthday and lives in Boston in the ol’ US of A?

Totoro Mittens

Totoro Mittens

I like knitting things like mittens even though I can’t use them myself. When I saw this pattern, I immediately added it to the list of things I could make for Emma over at Puddleside Musings. (Totoro and sloths are two of the things I know she likes.)

Unicorn Blanket

Unicorn Blanket

I can’t remember if I saw this one and decided to make my niblings matching blankets, or if I saw the dinosaur one first. Either way, I thought it would be super coolTM to make them matching stuff for Christmas (with enough variation to suit their individual preferences, of course!)

Unicorn Slippers

I originally started making these slippers for myself, but I didn’t like how the Unicorn Poop from Needle and Fred worked up in crochet. My carer loved them, however, so I decided to finish them as her birthday gift for this year.