Mollie’s Challenge: Party Bear

By the time I started working on this cute little party bear (from issue #100 of Mollie Makes), my enthusiasm for this challenge had begun to seriously dwindle. The projects were getting harder — a deliberate choice on my end, but still a choice that made it difficult to maintain my commitment.     And…

Mollie’s Challenge: Hoop Art

I’ve been both looking forward to this one and dreading it: there are so. many. French. knots. If you’re an embroiderer, cross-stitcher, or anyone with any experience at all with needle and thread, you’ll understand why that’s a bad thing.     For everyone else: French knots are the bane of hand-sewers everywhere.

Mollie’s Challenge: Toucan Keyring

Ladies and gentlemen, the craft kit that started it all: the toucan keyring from issue #94 of Mollie Makes. You know, the back issue I bought because I just had to have it? Because, while flamingos are my official obsession (of tropical theme, anyway), I love toucy-toucies almost as much? Yeah. And then I let it sit on…

Mollie’s Challenge: Mini Pennant

So, my self-imposed Mollie’s Challenge begins! I wasn’t sure which kit to start with, but felt like doing something that didn’t require too much thought. (I’m currently working on two patterns that involve a lot of counting and it’s really not my strong suit.)     Along with the essentials (embroidery thread, needle, pompom yarn,…

Mollie’s Challenge

Last spring, I got a bargain subscription to Mollie Makes magazine of 5 issues for £5. Who can pass that up? I also bought a few back issues that had freebies or content that I really needed in my life.