How to keep your narrative promises

How To Keep Your Narrative Promises

There are MAJOR SPOILERS for Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer after the “read more” break.

I wrote before about writers breaking the promises they make to their readers/viewers, but how can you keep them?

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How writers break their narrative promises

How Writers Break Their Narrative Promises

There are MAJOR SPOILERS for an episode of Daredevil and Falling Skies after the “read more” break.

Many writers make the mistake of setting up a joke and then forgetting the punchline. They either spin threads of foreshadowing throughout their plot and then fail to tie up those threads at the end, or they introduce something new to save the day at the last second and wonder why their readers are shocked and disappointed that this saviour was never even hinted at before. (Some writers even do both at the same time!)

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