Cattitude Box Review

Unboxing and review of the May 2019 Cattitude Box subscription for cat ladies and their kitties.

Inheriting the Anxiety

When I was twelve, my dad was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. The first I ever knew of his inner struggle was when he came home from work one day in the midst of what appeared to be a heart attack.

6 tips for eating with a sore throat

Do you wake up with a sore throat every morning? Do you get cramp in your jaw and cheeks when you salivate? Having difficulty swallowing because you can’t sit up properly in bed? Me too! It’s an awesome club to be in, am I right? No? Yeah, probably not… Anyway, here are 6 ways to eat when…

7 tips for eating with bad hands

Having to be hand-fed can be embarrassing, even when it’s close family or a professional carer doing the feeding. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but I eventually learned to design meals that don’t always need a fork or knife. That way, if your hands are cramping so badly that you risk flinging your cutlery everywhere, or you’re…