Harry Potter Scarves and Hats

My sister asked me, a week before his birthday, if I’d like to do this Harry Potter scarf kit for my nephew. It takes me much longer than that to knit anything, so I said I’d make it for Christmas — which meant doing a matching version for his sister, too.

Cabaret Cowl Pattern

I needed a gift for a carer, and I had some gorgeous sparkly yarns I wanted to play with. I’ve never finished a cowl before.

Ocean Mitts

I’ve had this Stylecraft Cabaret for a while in a few different colourways. It’s gorgeous, but I either had no ideas or too many ideas to know exactly what I was going to do with it. Then I decided to make some ocean-themed mitts (instead of the cowl I’d originally tried lol).

More Labbies

An overview of my growing collection of Labby the Angry Cat by Ngoc Vu.

Autumn Labby

Yet another Grumpy Cat? Don’t mind if I do!

Seaside Cardigan

I’ve been wanting to knit myself a few cardigans for quite some time as I struggle to get nice clothing in my size.


I’ve decided to make a girlfriend for Labby the Second. I guess I’m still in the mood to experiment! I want to try cutting out some of the stockinette rows in his head to see if he looks better a bit more squat.

Mowbray’s Wardrobe

I’ve been promising Mowbray his own handmade wardrobe for years and I finally feel comfortable enough to try. Here goes!

Labby the Second

I don’t usually repeat patterns: once I’ve made a thing once, I consider it “conquered” and it’s now too boring to do again. However, I’m very interested in figuring out if Labby the Angry Cat can be knit in the round instead of worked flat.

Pumpkin Spice Socks

After getting past the heel on both socks (I worked two at a time on different needle sets so I wouldn’t get second-sock-syndrome), I’ve decided I really don’t like these and there’s not much point in making socks for myself anyway. (I barely wear them.)

I’m going to frog these and use the yarn for something else.