Harry Potter Scarves and Hats

My sister asked me, a week before his birthday, if I’d like to do this Harry Potter scarf kit for my nephew. It takes me much longer than that to knit anything, so I said I’d make it for Christmas — which meant doing a matching version for his sister, too.

Cabaret Cowl Pattern

I needed a gift for a carer, and I had some gorgeous sparkly yarns I wanted to play with. I’ve never finished a cowl before.

Busy Bee Commode Blanket

I have a large commode next to my bed with an ugly blue seat and back. I’ve wanted to cover it for a while, so when I saw MangoMum’s lovely Busy Bee crochet blanket pattern and found the perfect(ish) yarn for it, I knew where it was going.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful mandala that works up quickly and could become a blanket if you kept going?

Unicorn Slippers

I originally started making these slippers for myself, but I didn’t like how the Unicorn Poop from Needle and Fred worked up in crochet. My carer loved them, however, so I decided to finish them as her birthday gift for this year.

More Labbies

An overview of my growing collection of Labby the Angry Cat by Ngoc Vu.

Autumn Labby

Yet another Grumpy Cat? Don’t mind if I do!

Flower Slippers

This slipper pattern is pretty quick to work up and makes a lovely gift.