Annual Yarn Challenge

Ravelry has a fun tab in the projects section of your notebook that allows you to set the number of projects you’d like to complete this year, and then automatically tracks how far along you are with your goal. Any project completed within the year is counted, but it also shows you how many WIPs you’ve got in case you want to finish one of them instead of starting something new.

I’m transferring my yarn stuff over here to my blog. While Ravelry’s annual challenge isn’t essential or even especially useful, it is quite fun to decide a goal and see if you stick to it. Thus, I decided to keep a full record of previous challenges here, You know, just for the hell of it.

Not all of these projects will be transferred from Ravelry to my blog. Those that are will be linked. You can see my full list of WIPs and finished projects here: Project List.


  1. Busy Bees blanket


I didn’t set a goal for myself this year. I didn’t have plans for knitted/crocheted gifts and just kind of started projects as they appealed to me. I’m still interested to know how many I’ll have made at the end of the year, though.

I’ve moved to tracking projects mostly via Airtable now.

  1. Spring-themed Cosmic CAL (links to Instagram posts)
  2. Cosmic Pop! CAL (post here on my blog)
  3. Stitch Red Hat
  4. Chunky Lettuce Hat
  5. Lilac Seed Hat
  6. Unicorn Poop Slippers (for carer, post here on my blog)
  7. Octagonical Wall Hangings
  8. The Chicken Coop Cosmic CAL Cushion
  9. Cheryl’s Cowl
  10. Slytherin Hat & Scarf
  11. Gryffindor Hat & Scarf


I decided I’d like to make 10 things this year, too. So far, I’ve made 18/10:

  1. Lance the Ginger Tabby (aka Labby the Fifth)
  2. Autumn Labby (aka Labby the Fourth)
  3. Flower Slippers
  4. Autumn Slippers (for carer)
  5. Autumn Slippers (for me)
  6. Labette the Grumpy Kitty (aka Labby the Third)
  7. Labby the Second
  8. Mowbray’s Sweater
  9. Labby the Angry Cat
  10. Dumbledog the Draught Excluder
  11. Confetti Mitts
  12. Mint Slippers
  13. Party Bear
  14. Spring Slippers
  15. Seafoam On An Icy Shore (hat, opens on Instagram)
  16. Bunny Slippers
  17. Purple Slippers (for sister)
  18. Dinosaur Hat


I decided to make 10 things in 2019. I finished out the year with 13/10.

  1. Mr. Kringle’s Stocking
  2. Totoro Mittens
  3. Striped Mitts
  4. Something Fishy (cat toys)
  5. Stashbusting Hat #4
  6. Stashbusting Hat #3
  7. Stashbusting Hat #2
  8. Stashbusting Hat #1
  9. New Year Slippers
  10. Unicorn Slippers & Blanket Set
  11. Dinosaur Socks & Blanket Set
  12. Sassycorn the Merhorse
  13. Crochet Dragon


In 2018, I wanted to make 20 projects. (Ambitious of me, no?) I actually made 27/20!

  1. Cosmic CAL Something (cat blanket)
  2. Bulky Ribbed Cowl (wound up lining a cat box)
  3. Cat Buddies (cat toys)
  4. Winter Buddies (toys)
  5. Autumn Lap Blanket (cat blanket)
  6. Deery Me Potholder
  7. Cheryl’s Slippers
  8. Danni’s Slippers
  9. Chele’s Slippers
  10. Snowman Draught Excluder
  11. Feather And Fan Shawl
  12. Space Invaders Hat
  13. Watermelon Slippers
  14. Frozen Wonderland (small “blanket” for a FrozenTM themed toy box)
  15. Compo’s Hat
  16. Squids in Love (toy)
  17. Raskog Hanging Organiser
  18. Kawaii Camera Keyring
  19. Cosmic Placemats
  20. Opium Shawl
  21. Wishing Star Ragdoll (cat toy)
  22. Sheepies Potholder
  23. Cat Butt Coasters
  24. Cosmic CAL Cat Blanket
  25. Watermelon Placemats (for my cat)
  26. Crochet Van
  27. Baby Yoda (toy)