Peony Socks

I’ve been trying to knit socks since October 2019, when Emma over at Puddleside Musings sent me some gorgeous Kool-Aid yarn that tickled my obsession with watermelons. I did not get far and decided to use the yarn for something else.

My sock adventure did not end there, however: I actually got past the heel on a pair of Halloween socks intended for myself before I decided I really didn’t like how they were looking and put them into hibernation with intent to frog (then got utterly distracted with other things).

Then came The (Virtual) Wool Monty 2020. Being bed-ridden, I usually avoid yarn/craft shows for obvious reasons. (Jealousy, inability to travel, lack of money, etc). This time, the yarn show came to me, courtesy of a cousin whose middle name should really be Enabler, and my hand-dyed stash bourgeoned. While browsing, I came across (among others) this gorgeous colourway from Mothy and the Squid called That’s Enough Crazy, in hues about as close to a 2019 Planners Anon subscription box as I could get (Pretty Posy, with which I was making a flipbook potentially for a birthday giveaway), and decided it would make the perfect matching socks.

Except I have to make the dang things first, and I’m currently on Attempt #12. We’ll see how it goes.

Project Details

PATTERN: My own cuff-down sock, made up from previous attempts, gauge calculations, and bits of other patterns I’ve browsed.

NEEDLES: 2.25mm and 2.5mm DPNs
GAUGE: 33×48 (10cm)
SIZE: XL (UK 8-10)


  • Mothy and the Squid Merino Sock (That’s Enough Crazy, 4ply sock yarn (75% merino, 25% nylon))
  • Garnstudios DROPS Fabel (112 Apple, dye lot 42923)

STARTED: 25th June, 2020


CO 72 
2x1 ribbing for 12r
Switch to 2.5mm
Knit 82r 
Switch to green Fabel
Slip 36st onto stitch holder 
Working active stitches: 
R1 (RS): Sl1, knit to end 
R2 (WS): Sl1, purl to end 
Repeat R1-2 until 30r (end on WS)

Follow instructions from Modern Daily Knitting.

Divide active stitches into 3 (12 each) and place markers
R1 (RS): Sl1, knit to 2nd marker, slip marker, ssk, turn.
R2 (WS): Sl1, purl to 1st marker, slip marker, p2tog, turn.
R3 (RS): Sl1, knit to 2nd marker, slip marker, ssk, turn.
R4 (WS): Sl1, purl to 1st marker, slip marker, p2tog, turn.
Repeat R3-4 until only 1 stitch remains either side of the marker. 

Note: After a WS decrease is worked, you should have the same number of stitches after the gap on both sides.

Knit across the heel stitches
Pick up and knit stitches along the first edge of heel flap
Knit across instep stitches
Pick up and knit stitches along second edge of heel flap
Knit to midpoint of heel, place marker (starts new round)
Switch back to Mothy and the Squid, cut green yarn
Knit to desired foot length
Switch to green Faber, cut Mothy and the Squid yarn

6th July, 2020:

I keep measuring my gauge as I knit (I’m around 10cm from the cast-on edge now) and it keeps changing. I think I’m far enough in to get a more accurate reading now, though, and put it at 33 stitches x 48 rows per 10cm. That means that casting on 72st makes this an XL (UK 8-10) sized sock.

8th July, 2020:

I’ve done the leg, about to commence an Eye of Partridge heel.

10th July, 2020:

I frogged the EoP heel and decided to stick with a plain stockinette, partly because I can’t seem to concentrate right now and I keep screwing up. Case in point: I forgot to switch to the contrast yarn and had to frog again, then I knitted too many rows so the heel was closer to three inches rather than two… /throws hands in air/

I wound back (hah) to 30 rows and put it away for the day. Hopefully, I’ll finish the heel tomorrow.

I need to figure out a better way to keep two lots of working yarn in one project bag. I keep getting twisted.

13th July, 2020:

Oh my fuhreaking BLAH. Why are socks so harrrrd? I spent the weekend frogging, redoing, frogging again, trying a different method, then frogging back and trying again. Only to decide I really don’t like the green I used for contrast so, unless I turn this into mitts, I’m going to frog back all the Drops Fabel and knit the whole thing in the Mothy.

I’m putting it away and working on something else today. Maybe I’ll pick this up again tomorrow, maybe I won’t. Who knows. I just ARGH.


Plain stockinette is both soothing/mindless and boring. I kind of wanted the sock to be more interesting to knit, but I kept screwing up anything other than straight-up stockinette so I clearly need more practice before I start livening things up.

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