Yup, I’ve decided to make a girlfriend for Labby the Second. I have no idea why because I wasn’t entirely happy with how he turned out, but I guess I’m still in the mood to experiment. I want to try cutting out some of the stockinette rows in his head to see if he looks better: original Labby looks quite a bit wider and, thus, better. This is possibly due to being knitted flat and seamed. I intend to try and figure out how to make him look just as nice while knitted in the round.

Project Details

PATTERN: The Angry Cat Labby by Ngoc Vu (links to Ravelry and Instagram)

NEEDLES: 3.25mm DPNs
SIZE: 15cm


  • 7g Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted (113 Pretty Pink)
  • 2 plastic safety eyes
  • 1 plastic safety nose
  • 4 plastic safety feet
  • Scrap of grey embroidery thread

STARTED: 8th August, 2020
FINISHED: 13th August, 2020

Pattern Amendments

  • 4r of stockinette instead of pattern for R14-21, R24-34, R48-54, R62-74
  • K5, CO5, K5, CO5, K to end for eyelids
  • 1r of stockinette instead of R38-40
  • For the arms, at R42: sl4 to holder, co4, k15, sl4, co4, k15, sl4, co4
  • Skip R44
  • 1r of stockinette instead of R56-60
  • 3r of stockinette for the arms instead of 17

8th August, 2020:

Eyelids done and hanging out together on a stitch holder. I had to restart because a needle fell out and I messed up retrieving the stitches.

9th August, 2020:

Eyelids attached. I’m up to R48. Alternating knitting with ipad/laptop use while wearing a compression glove so I can do a bit more at a time.

10th August, 2020:

Worked down to the legs. I need to sew up the eyelids and attach the eyes before I can finish off the legs, then I’ll stuff and do the arms. I’m leaving the gap between the legs until last to give me room to add more stuffing if need be, and I’ll embroider the mouth once it’s all sewn up.

Labette the Grumpy Kitty knitted in pink

Labette will be much shorter than her compatriots courtesy of halving the rounds of stockinette. I think she’ll still look cute, but this was not the intended outcome. I wanted her to be wider, not shorter. So there’ll probably be a fourth Labby at some point to try out adding extra stitches to rounds instead of reducing the height… (e.g. KFB in all stitches in the first round, rather than K1, then KFB). We shall see!

13th August, 2020:

I finished off Labette’s body today but haven’t stuffed her yet. She packs a lot of attitude into such a little body!

Labette the Grump Cat unstuffed

I figured, since I made her so much shorter, she could have shorter arms too. (Honestly, at this point, I was running out of steam and just wanted to end finish her.)

I have to stuff her, sew up her bottom, and maybe make her some clothes. I may just give her to my carer’s dog, though.

10th August, 2020:

Labette is now complete.

I was going to make her a top or dress but realised it would have to cover half her face to go over her arms. I decided instead to leave her naked and give her toe beans instead. (I had some in a box of eyes I recently purchased, so.)

She does not look happy to be naked. I can’t say I blame her.


So losing height does nothing to rebalance Labby’s width. (Well, Labette does look wider than Labby the Second, but the loss of height is problematic.) I probably should have seen that coming.

I may or may not continue with the width experiments in the future, but I don’t think I want to use this pink again for the body. It’s a bit too pink. I’ll need some more cream/white for future Labbies.

The good news is, I have knitting Labby in the round to a science: finish down to the legs, attach eyes and nose, knit the legs, then go back for the arms. Embroider the nose/mouth before closing up the butt.

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