Mowbray’s Wardrobe

Mowbray is the youngest of my boys at around 16 years old. (He’s still a lickle baaaaaby.)

He’s an awkward size to buy for and I’ve been promising him his own handmade wardrobe “just as soon as I figure out how” for, well, years at this stage. I finally feel comfortable enough to at least try to make him a sweater (hopefully as practice for my own), and so…

Project Details


NEEDLES: 2.5mm and 3mm DPNs
GAUGE: 24×36
SIZE: Teeny tiny itsy bitsy (19cm chest)


4-ply yarn held two together to create DK weight.

  • 15g (60m) DROPS Fabel (112 Apple Green)
  • 4g (16m) DROPS Fabel (108 Royal Blue)
  • 4g (16m) DROPS Fabel (107 Blue)
  • 4g (16m) DROPS Fabel (103 Graublau)
  • 5g (20m) DROPS Fabel (300 Brown)

STARTED: 23rd July, 2020
FINISHED: 31st July, 2020


CO 50
Split between 4 DPNs
1x1 ribbing for 5r
K for 13r
Slip 8st onto holders + CO 8 replacement st (total 16st) for each arm
K for 6r while decreasing by 2st per round
1x1 ribbing for 5r
Bind off

Pick up 20st for sleeve
Knit for 6r
1x1 ribbing for 5r
Bind off

I originally tried a gradient effect with four shades of blue and a brown for contrast. I did this by starting with two strands of 300 Brown held together for 5 rounds, then a strand of brown with the darkest blue (300 Brown + 103 Graublau) for 4 rounds, then two Graublau for 4 rounds, and so on up to the lightest blue, and then switched back to brown for the neck.

*A technique I stumbled across somewhere on the Internet but didn’t pay much attention to at the time (because it seemed so involved and what was I thinking), so I don’t know where/who to credit.

Mowbray's Blue Sweater
Ignore the “wings”. Stitch holders can be a pain on such a small project!

However, I only cast on 46 because I forgot to allow for positive ease, so while the bodice actually fit, the arms (or the one I tried, at least) were far too tight.

*With a bit of a struggle, and it’s a good thing Mowbray is stuffed because I’d get arrested for abuse otherwise.

Mowbray's Blue Sweater
That arm is way too small even for Labby!

Also, if you look closely, you might see the real problem I had with this technique:

Mowbray's Blue Sweater
Sooooo many eeeeeeends! Also it looks like a sea creature of some kind with the wings and the tail.

Just look at all those ends!!! *finds nearest surface to throw herself on and sobs like a Victorian drama queen*

The carer I lamented to suggested that I just knot the bloody things and be done with it. “It’s not like Titch will care.” Well, no. Titch won’t care if his brother is uncomfortable, but Mowbray certainly would… not. (He just wants a sweater, dammit.) (Also, he’s stuffed, and yadda yadda.) And so, knotted and snipped they were, and sod the bloody weaving.

Except, with the arms being too tight and me not being an experienced enough knitter to fix that problem, I threw it in the bin and started from scratch.

25th July, 2020:

This time, I went with 112 Apple Green (just for a change and because it was one of the balls of Fabel I’d already wound for somehing else I ditched) and no gradients, thank you. (It’s not actually a bad technique. I probably wouldn’t mind all those ends if it was a blanket or something. On a project this size, though? Not so fun.)

I cast on 50st to allow for ease (of which I know nothing, but I can guess it’s a good thing). And increased the number of stitches I slipped off for the arms (by two) to eight. However, I’m also (maybe) going to grab extra stitches when I’m ready to pick up the arms and knit, so hopefully they’ll be much wider and, you know, more comfortable and spacious and actually bloody fit.

29th July, 2020:

I finished the bodice last week but my wrist’s been painful so I had to wait on the sleeves. I picked up a total of 20 stitches (four extra than I “cast off”) and it makes a huge difference. I just tried it on Mowbray (only one sleeve done) and it fits just fine.

It’s still overall a little tight, so I think for future projects I’ll try casting on even more. Maybe also not have ribbing but a garter border or something for variety. Either way, I just have to do the second sleeve, weave in the ends, and Mowbray will have a brand new green handmade sweater. 😀

Mowbray's green sweater with one sleeve complete

30th July, 2020:

I finished the second sleeve last night and wove in the ends this morning. Mowbray has a complete sweater and it fits him yay!

He now wants me to make him some trousers and a whole wardrobe of sweaters. (It’s not like I don’t have plenty of Fabel to use up.) Unfortunately, the former is definitely out of my league right now. We’ll have to see about the rest later…


The green is so similar to the Robin DK I used for my nephew’s dinosaur blanket + socks set that I’m getting deja vu. It also feels the same, which is weird since that’s acrylic and this is wool (and more expensive). I’ve sworn off acrylic for environmental reasons, but the similarities make one more reason this yarn has only one star in my Airtable.

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