Your Life Depends On It Wallpaper for iPad

Your Life Depends On It Wallpaper for iPad

This is a motivational wallpaper for your iPad. Write like your life depends on it!

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August 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

August 2017 wallpaper for desktop

Do you love flamingos? How about watermelons?

I don’t actually like watermelons to eat, but they’re such a summer icon that I find them irresistible in graphics. And since I joined the decorative planner community, flamingos have become my favourite bird.

So, here: enjoy these brilliant summer wallpaper calendars while the heat is on!

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My Research Process

If you’re a true beginning writer, you’ll have very little notion of where to start or how you can get from an idea to a full concept you can write about.

Even if you’ve been at this game for a long time, it can still feel overwhelming to sit down at your computer with intent to write or build a world only to realise that you have no idea where to even begin.

I remember spending hours searching for tutorials and examples from other writers for various things, from “how to get started” to “how to organise notes”. It’s frustrating to realise you’re pretty much on your own.

You have to figure out what works for you and that will involve a lot of trial and error as you test approaches and discard the ones that just don’t inspire you or don’t lead you anywhere except into dead ends.

So if the research process is so subjective, why are we here? Why did I bother writing a post just to say “I can’t help you”?

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Inheriting the Anxiety

When I was twelve, my dad was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. The first I ever knew of his inner struggle was when he came home from work one day in the midst of what appeared to be a heart attack.

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How music playlists can help you write

How music can help you write

It seems like music playlists are big among writers. I’ve seen people spend inordinate amounts of time coming up with the perfect soundtrack for their characters, especially in the roleplaying world. It’s as inspiring to them as art and maps are to me.

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July 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

July 2017 wallpaper for desktop

Is the summer heating up, or is that just me?

Honestly, I don’t even like summer. I hate being hot or even remotely warm. I overheat easily. It makes me feel sick, gives me a headache, and makes me feel generally icky.

But since I started following the planner community, I’ve discovered a new love for all things summer fun. Flamingoes. Summer blooms. The colour red. And, you guessed it: cacti.

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How to use Auto Text Complete in Liquid Story Binder

How to use the Auto Text Complete tool in Liquid Story Binder


Denahih Jhiah. Ishidah Tahnih. Azhela Qhashiil. Epheni Qhaarqhiin Tiqhomh.

As you can imagine, writing out such strange names can be a chore, even if you don’t suffer from Frequent Typo Syndrome. Stopping to check how a city name is spelled or if it’s “i before e” can really slow your writing — or kill your muse dead right where you sit.

Getting it right doesn’t matter for the first draft. But there’s a neater way. A better way. A brilliant way: Liquid Story Binder’s built-in Auto Text Complete tool.

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9 more ways to keep your cat cool in summer

KitKat in a box

Last time, I gave you 8 awesome ways to help your cat stay chill in the summer heat. That post was all about staying hydrated. This one’s more about getting some cool air circulating. (Are you sensing an elemental theme here?)

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Why you should use placeholders

Why you should use placeholders

Here are some quotes from the first draft of the second book in my Guardians trilogy:

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Happy Planner NaNoWriMo Free Printable

June WriMo 2017

It’s been a while since I released a freebie for tracking your NANOWRIMO word count. Since Camp is just around the corner again, here’s a mini booklet for your Happy Planner!

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