Ravelry May Cause Harm

Ravelry switched over to a new site theme on the 16th of June, 2020.

Unfortunately for many users, this new look is triggering migraines, headaches, eye strain, seizures and other visual disturbances, as well as physical strain in the wrists. Whether they normally suffer from these types of things or not, people are reporting medical issues from minor to severe.

Visiting the Ravelry website may cause harm.

As a side note, Ravelry’s response to the complaints has been problematic at best. I’ve lost all trust in the Ravelry staff and no longer feel welcome on their website, so you may see much more activity here on my blog while I transfer projects from my Ravelry notebook and find alternative ways to store the information I have there.

Update (4th July, 2020)

Ravelry has since given the option to use “Classic Ravelry” and then made it the default. Far too slow for my liking, given how many people have reported medical issues as triggered by the new look, but better late than never. (And don’t even get me started on how people suffering issues were supposed to even get to the old look if they couldn’t get past the new login screen to do so.)

Be aware, however, that “Classic Ravelry” is not quite the old look, despite what the moderators insist in their forum updates. Many people in the For the Love of Ravelry board (on Ravelry) have shown screenshots evidencing changes, minor though they may be, and many more are saying that something about “Classic Ravelry” is still causing problems. (I’m personally noticing less symptoms on Classic compared to New, but I am still struggling to use the site for more than a few minutes without a headache or eye strain, compared to spending hours at a time there on the True Old Rav.)

Anyone using Ravelry should still be cautious.

Update (6th August, 2020):

I keep wanting to post a really long rant outlining the history of the NuRav debacle, but others have and continue to do a much better job at it than I ever could. Search #ravelryaccessibility on Instagram or Twitter if you want details.

The long and short of it is that Ravelry’s staff have behaved abominably since NuRav released on the 16th of June, and continue to behave abominably even after the co-owner’s letter (ostensibly an “apology” that is problematic in and of itself) on the 30th of July.

I cannot and will not continue to support a site where staff has shown such disgustingly ableist behaviour — especially one that continues to claim it is inclusive and friendly on both its Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I’m deleting my Ravelry account as soon as I can; I’m currently going through my faves and making sure I have copies of any patterns I’ve purchased or that I can’t get elsewhere.

Update (13th October, 2020):

I’ve mostly stopped following the #ravelryaccessibility issues, but I just learned that Classic Ravelry is officially going away next March (2021). They have so far released two new “versions” of NuRav, both of which are reportedly still problematic, and the Ravelry staff’s behaviour continues to upset the disabled and designer communities.

You now have five and a half months to find an alternative if you need to.

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  1. IdleEmma says:

    Thankfully they’ve let people switch back to the classic look because that’s the only way I’ve been able to use Ravelry! Every time I switch to the new look to see if they’ve changed anything, it just hurts my eyes and I’ve never had that issue before with Ravelry.

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    1. Emma says:

      Same. Unfortunately, they’ve said they’ll give us six months’ notice before they take down “Classic” Ravelry, so they obviously intend for New Rav to be the default eventually. Hopefully, they’ll fix it before they do, but I’m personally moving all my projects and stash info off their site. I don’t feel welcome anymore given their (lack of) response to the catastrophic effects it’s had.

      I’ll update my post to reflect the changes.

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      1. IdleEmma says:

        God damn it Ravelry! Didn’t realise that. That’s so annoying. I never got into the habit of tracking stash but it’s so handy for tracking projects. I guess I have six months to figure out a new tracking system for projects…

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        1. Emma says:

          Well, to be fair, I don’t think the six months have started yet. They said (somewhere, maybe the front page? I’ll go look for it if you need me to) they’d announce when the six months started, which gives you a little leeway. 🙂

          I found the stash helpful because I can’t keep all my yarn in my bedroom with me, and can’t get around the house to look at what I’ve got. With the stash page, I can just look at pics and decide which I need to get out for what projects when. I can also leave notes to myself that, yes, I did buy this particular yarn for a reason and not just because it was pretty. >_> The cross-referencing is super handy, too (oh, I used this yarn for the project… and that one too! I forgot about that) but not essential. Some folk in the Demon Trolls group suggested an online site called Airtable as an alternative, but I figure, I already have the blog so I might as well use it. xD

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          1. IdleEmma says:

            Maybe I’ll check that site out. Really, I just hope Ravelry get their shit together and fix the site. I was fine with the idea of them revamping the look until I logged on one day to see it changed and had a headache after five minutes!
            I just don’t understand how it happened considering how hard they were supposedly trying to make the site more accessible that they ended up making something unusable for so many more people.


            1. Emma says:

              I realise it’s almost a year later, but I did wind up switching to Airtable. It’s… got kind of a steep learning curve to get it to do everything you want, but I’m actually using it for more than just yarn stuff (my shop, blog, even my flipbook giveaways). I am paying, but I think the free version is still much more useful than trying to just use a blog or something to track projects and yarn so I do highly recommend it. I can help you get started if you haven’t already, if you’d like?

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              1. IdleEmma says:

                Glad you were able to get it working! I did look at it briefly and then backed away because it looked complicated.
                I guess I’m still using Ravelry in the sense that every 3 or so months I go on briefly to upload pictures of projects and add some notes and dates but I stopped using any of the social stuff. It’s just an extra place to upload pictures really and look for a pattern if I really need to. I’ve not really been doing as much making this last year though and when I have it’s mostly been making things without patterns from books I have so yeah, I’m still using Ravelry but not really using it. There is something relaxing about not tracking my making as much – feeling a little less stressed about how little I’m making.

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