Succulents Kit for ECLP

Ahhh, July. 2021 is already half over and I still feel like it’s 1999. Who’s with me?

Merboys Kit for Happy Planner

Man, I hate the taste of water, but I could quite happily chill with these adorable merboys in a nice cold tub right about now.

Cactus Kit for ECLP

Pretty, gorgeous, mouth-watering succulents are a year-round thing, so feel free to use this free sticker kit in your Erin Condren whenever you feel like it and not just when we’re all boiling alive. ;D

Carousel Kit for Happy Planner

This cute Mommy & Baby themed digital paper kit I got from Karamfila Designs is so freaking cute. I’m not a mom but I would quite happily sit in a room full of these adorable characters!

Spring Green Kit for ECLP

Is it Spring yet where you are? We don’t seem to really have seasons anymore but I still can’t resist seasonal kits!

Owl Love You Forever Kit for Happy Planner

A couple of years ago, I bought some new owl-themed pyjamas. I can’t remember the really juicy ones now, but this prompted at least a week’s worth of owl puns. (Owl be back. Owl be seeing you. Owl… yeah, that’s your lot.) I love puns, and I love stickers, so this kit sort of made…

Typo Kit for ECLP

I’m feeling all the purples this month! Here’s another printable sticker kit for your Erin Condren Life Planner.