6 ways to catch mistakes

6 ways to catch mistakes in your writing

Have you ever heard about that phenomenom where you can swap all the ltetrs in a wrod and still be able to read it properly, as long as the first and last letters are correct?

How many versions of Benedict Cumberbatch have you seen and giggled at? (One of my favourites involved cucumbers.)

How many times have you proofread an essay (back when they were handwritten, at least), only to get pulled up by your teacher on typos anyway? (And even now that our computers do most of the spell checking for us, Microsoft Word still doesn’t know which witch is which.)

I’ll bet all of these sound familiar to you, so here are six ways to catch mistakes in your writing before they kill your reputation.

Updated to add more (10th August, 2017) courtesy of Emma from Puddle Side Musings!

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