Crochet Dragon

There are finite gift ideas for a nephew almost in the double digits. I like to consider myself the “fun aunt”, the one who spends all year considering and plotting and researching presents, who pours their heart and soul into the making of a thing the child may use only once.

Crochet Van

After making my niece’s Crochet Caravan, my nephew asked for one, too. I didn’t want to make it the except same (I don’t like to repeat projects, if I can help it–and the caravan was challenging enough that I really didn’t want to repeat that!) I can’t remember if I went looking or if I stumbled across this pattern by accident, but it was perfect: it just needed enlarging.

Crochet Caravan

I found a pattern for a vintage caravan that seemed too perfect for my 5-year-old niece to pass up, and I had a ton of Cascade Luna I didn’t like, plus a huge stash of bits and bobs I wanted to bust.

Snow Family

I wanted to make Santa sacks to hold/display my niblings’ Christmas gifts, which are often too large to wrap individually. I used the leftover yarn to make a family of snowmen.

Cosmic Pop!

I had a ton of the Bernat Pop! yarn left over after making my niece’s unicorn blanket, so I decided to make another Cosmic CAL. (One day I will actually finish the pattern all the way into a blanket. Today is not that day.)