Harry Potter Scarves and Hats

My sister asked me, a week before his birthday, if I’d like to do this Harry Potter scarf kit for my nephew. It takes me much longer than that to knit anything, so I said I’d make it for Christmas — which meant doing a matching version for his sister, too.

Cabaret Cowl Pattern

I needed a gift for a carer, and I had some gorgeous sparkly yarns I wanted to play with. I’ve never finished a cowl before.

Ocean Mitts

I’ve had this Stylecraft Cabaret for a while in a few different colourways. It’s gorgeous, but I either had no ideas or too many ideas to know exactly what I was going to do with it. Then I decided to make some ocean-themed mitts (instead of the cowl I’d originally tried lol).

Unicorn Slippers

I originally started making these slippers for myself, but I didn’t like how the Unicorn Poop from Needle and Fred worked up in crochet. My carer loved them, however, so I decided to finish them as her birthday gift for this year.

Flower Slippers

This slipper pattern is pretty quick to work up and makes a lovely gift.

Autumn Slippers

When I bought the Mulled Spice Wine yarn from Mothy and the Squid, I intended it for a cardigan or sweater or something for autumn. Unfortunately, my Seaside Cardigan is taking so long that I don’t want to add another big project right now, so I decided to make myself some autumn slippers instead.

Snowman Draught Excluder

I’d been wracking my brain for something to make for my (late) grandparents for Christmas 2018. Everything I’d tried so far, from a double-knit gingerbread house potholder to crocheted leaf-shaped placemats, was now in the frogged section of my projects (or deleted entirely). And then I found the perfect gift!

Striped Mitts

I had some yarn left over from my nephew’s Dinosaur Blanket set, and what better to do with it than to make some fingerless mitts for my friend who has a January birthday and lives in Boston in the ol’ US of A?