Unicorn Blanket

I can’t remember if I saw this one and decided to make my niblings matching blankets, or if I saw the dinosaur one first. Either way, I thought it would be super coolTM to make them matching stuff for Christmas (with enough variation to suit their individual preferences, of course!)

Project Details

PATTERN: Unicorn Hooded Blanket by Keri Palbecki (links to Ravelry) and Oma House Slippers by Mamachee

HOOKS: 4mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 6.6 cakes (1700m) Bernat Pop! (84013 Snow Queen)
  • Red Heart Soft (0001 White, dye lot 624275)
  • 10g (30m) Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny Solids (14019 Snow Cap, dye lot 2017-08-065)
  • 10g (18m) Caron Simply Soft Party (0008 Silver Sparkle)

STARTED: July 9th, 2019
FINISHED: September 12th, 2019

Gauge instructions are not the clearest: it doesn’t say what type of stitch you need to measure. I tried with both DC and SC, 6mm and 6.5mm hooks, and neither matched (though the DC was closest and is the stitch used in the pattern, so).

The row height didn’t match at all (5st per 3.5in but I got nowhere near that!) so I gave up and decided to just use the hooks called for in the pattern.

11th July 2019:

The yarn arrived on Tuesday (9th) and I’m already in by 7 rows. I’m enjoying this project so much: a combination of an easy 5+3 repeat that has obvious built-in markers, and that the yarn is just so damned pretty. I love the colours! And it’s quite soft, too.

I love that the yarn comes pre-caked.

23rd July 2019:

Passed the halfway mark on the main blanket. I’m on Cake #4 already, though; I suspect I’ll need to buy more. 

27th July 2019:

Yup. I just finished Cake #4 at row 50.

1st August 2019:

I aimed for yesterday, but I fastened off the main part of the blanket today. I’m going to do these piecemeal so neither nibling has more of a finished project than the other (and so I don’t get bored).

Dinosaurs next!

26th August 2019:

Taken out of hibernation. I started on the hood using scraps, but decided three rows in that I’d be better just using a new cake so I’ll start again tomorrow.

3rd September 2019:

Hood (base) finished ready for attaching and decorating.

11th September 2019:

Attached the hood, horns and ears to the blanket. I’m not going to bother with the fringing; it’s a lot of work and I’m made up with cold so it seems like a lot of effort for something that already looks so cute without it!

Just got to finish off the slippers, now!


My niblings both loved their Christmas gifts this year! I’m still the cool auntie. /preens/

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