Snow Family

I wanted to make Santa sacks to hold/display my niblings’ Christmas gifts, which are often too large to wrap individually. I used the leftover yarn to make a family of snowmen.

Project Details

PATTERN: None / my own

HOOKS: 10mm and 15mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 10 balls (1250m) King Cole Cuddles Chunky Solid (299 Red, dye lot 1414)
  • 6 balls (750m) King Cole Cuddles Chunky Solid (353 Cream, dye lot 1460)
  • Cream and metallic gold Baker’s Twine
  • Red and metallic gold Baker’s Twine

STARTED: September 2016
FINISHED: November 4th, 2016


I held the yarn two strands together. It’s supposed to be chunky, but it’s actually pretty thin (more like fingering if you discount the fluff).

There’s no real pattern the sack. I took inspiration from previous bags I’ve made (chain so many, single crochet into one side and then the other, increase at either end, and then crochet around and around to the desired height).

The tie is a long braid of the red and cream yarns.

I slip-stitched the top edge of the sacks with metallic Baker’s Twine to add a bit of glitz, and added buttons to decorate.

Likewise with the Snow family, I crocheted a circle for a base and then went around and around to the desired height. Decrease for the neck, increase again for the head, and then decrease to finish.

The resulting “pattern” is as follows, with minor adjustments to make a baby, mama, and a papa.

sc (inc) a circle until 24 st
sc into back loop only for one round to create base
sc continuously to required height
dec to required width for neck
sc per st for 1-2 rounds for neck
inc to required width for head
sc to required height for head
dec to head, sew & finish off
Not sure why so grumpy…

The hats are pretty much the same: sc into a circle, increase to the desired circumference, sc to the desired hat length.

I gave Papa and Baby Snow crocheted scarves with the last of the red yarn, with a bit of the red metallic twine for the fringing to jazz things up, but Mama Snow had to make do with a tartan ribbon from my stash of gift wrap.

The pompoms were… not fun to make. I didn’t have pompom makers at the time I made the Snow Family so I had to use a template of my own making. (Look up tutorials for how to make pompoms and you’ll find some with templates you can download or use as inspiration for your own.) The results are a bit raggedy, but it also kind of suits the Snow Family aesthetic, so… Yay?

I think I combined the cream and gold twine with the cream yarn for the pompoms but I can’t remember.


I both adore and kind of hate the results, especially the Snow Family. I love how individual and unique they are: I know for a fact that no one else has snowmen like mine, and I think it’s hilarious just how grumpy Baby Snow is.

But they also remind me how inexperienced I was (and still am!) when it comes to crocheting without patterns. They were far from the first time I’d made up my own to suit when I couldn’t find a pattern already available, so there’s a layer of unprofessionalism that the Perfectionist Crafter in me really loathes.

The sacks are super stretchy and hold a ridiculous amount/size of gifts, which is what I wanted but also… not? They can look a bit stupid sitting in front of a super slim tree when each sack is bulging like they swallowed Santa himself.

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