Pumpkin Spice Socks

After getting past the heel on both socks (I worked two at a time on different needle sets so I wouldn’t get second-sock-syndrome), I’ve decided I really don’t like these and there’s not much point in making socks for myself anyway. (I barely wear them.)

I’m going to frog these and use the yarn for something else.

Project Details

PATTERN: Vanilla Chocolate Socks by Annika Abbott (links to Ravelry and Annika’s site)

NEEDLES: 2mm and 2.25mm
GAUGE: 40×56 (10cm)


STARTED: November 28th, 2019
HIBERNATING: January 26th, 2020 –


Judy’s Magic Cast-On (20st per needle, 80st total) with 2.25mm Zings.
Switch to 2mm Zings and knit (back needle first).
R1: *[K1, KFB, knit to end of needle], repeat [ ] for all 4 needles (4 increases per round)*
R2: Repeat * to * until 15st per needle (56st total)
R3: Knit around
R4: Repeat R2
Repeat R3-4 until 22st per needle (88st total)
Switch to 2mm Symfonies and knit around (88st total).

I prefer wooden needles but they can’t handle Judy’s Magic Cast-On at this size. (I wouldn’t try it with less than 3.5mm needles, tbh.)

So, use metal needles for the cast-on and toe (kfb increases are also problematic; not sure about other types of increase) and switch to wooden needles for the rest.

R1: K4, [P1, K4] until end of 2nd needle
    P1 in first stitch on third needle, 
    K to end, 
    and P1 in last stitch on 4th needle (88st total)
R2: ?? to 73. 
Repeat R1.
Switch back to Zings for heel.

I have no idea what this section of the pattern notes was supposed to say. What to 73? Fortunately, I knitted these socks in sections so neither was too far ahead of the other and I don’t need to know this part, especially, but this is still annoying.

Note: I’m going to need to drop two stitches during the heel, or make the back of the leg slightly different than the front because the [K4, P1] pattern doesn’t carry. (Nor does [K3, P1] or [K2, P1], [K5, P1] or etc.)


I’m using the “Eye of Partridge” stitch pattern from this Interweave tutorial and Our Pastimes.

Note: Use a crochet hook to pick up the gusset stitches (24st total)!


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