Who doesn’t love a beautiful mandala that works up quickly and could become a blanket if you kept going?

Project Details

PATTERN: Octagonical from Crystals and Crochet

HOOK: 7mm
SIZE: 40cm, 35cm and 30cm


  • 2x 50g Drops Snow/Eskimo (51 Powder Pink)
  • 2x 50g Drops Snow/Eskimo (88 Chalk)
  • 2x 50g Drops Swow/Eskimo (13 Powder/Camel)

STARTED: I can’t remember 😂
FINISHED: 28th June, 2021

Project Details

I wouldn’t say I was bored with Helen Shrimpton’s Cosmic CAL, exactly, but I’ve made it often enough that I wanted a change of pace.

I’ve had my eye on Sophie’s Choice and Mandala Madness for a good long while and had no idea Octagonical even existed, so I can’t remember what brought it to my attention.

I do know I’m super glad I chose this one for my wall: it has a beautiful floral feel to it (especially in the neutral-ish colours I chose).

I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked up. My last mandala was the blue Cosmic CAL I made for a cushion for Father’s Day — using 4ply yarn and a 3.5mm hook! I made three of these in the time it took to get half of that thing done.

I found these pretty gold hoops on eBay for £10.49. I got some 3M hooks from Amazon (I rent so nails are a big no-no) and then it was a matter of waiting for my poor carer (who fell off a ladder) to recover enough to hang them for me.

I haven’t posted the results on Instagram yet so 🤫

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