More Labbies

So I think I’m at a stage now with Labby that I don’t need a fresh page for every one I make. Instead, I’ll summarise briefly what yarns and needles I used, the biggest takeaway, and any essential notes for future projects.

Pattern: The Angry Cat Labby by Ngoc Vu (links to Ravelry and Instagram)

Labby V wearing a grey hat (tacked at the corners to look like cat ears) and a grey vest tied with a green ribbon bow.

Labby V

For #5, I followed the same adjustments as Labby the Second. He’s much smaller this time because I used 2.25mm needles and fingering weight yarn (Mulled Wine Spice leftovers from Mothy and the Squid).

Labby V has a (very loose, needs better stitching) pose-able tail with a pompom at the end (also too loose); a cat-ears hat, and a lovely green bow to tie his fair-isle vest at the neck.

I had to glue his eyelids to his eyeballs to keep his grumpy expression, but he looks pretty dang good imo.

The Two Callies

I was originally going to use this yarn (Break In At Tiffany’s, a 75% merino/25% nylon fingering weight blend from Needle and Fred) for a pair of fingerless gloves for my BFF but I didn’t like how it was working up. I decided instead to knit a pair of blue calico Labbies with a heart between them.

I also used 2mm and 2.5mm DPNs and some of the 103 and 108 blue Drops Fabel from my stash.


  1. I really need to figure out how to add a couple of stitches so he’s wider. Knitting him in the round just makes him tall and thin and that’s not nearly as cute as the original.
  2. Unfortunately, my plan to sell may be short-lived as Labby the Fifth took over 10 hours to make. If I continue to charge £5 an hour for labour (which is significantly less than minimum wage in the UK), he’s still got to sell for at least £50 (minus materials, which would bring him up to £62 and change. To profit, I’d need to sell for at least £65, and preferably £70).

Other Labbies

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