Flower Slippers

I haven’t made a gift for this particular carer before, but she’s taken on more of my calls since a previous carer left, so I felt like I should make her something. This slipper pattern is pretty quick to work up and makes a lovely gift, so I asked said carer what her favourite colour was. When she said pink, I knew where this was going.

Project Details

PATTERN: Oma’s House Slippers by Mamachee

HOOK: 4mm
SIZE: 6.5 UK


  • 25g (100m) Drops Fabel (112 Apple)
  • 25g (100m) Drops Fabel (102 Pink)

STARTED: 25th October, 2020
FINISHED: 2nd November 2020

Pattern Adjustments

Every time I make these slippers, I have to figure out how to adjust the pattern all over again. Here’s hoping that writing it down this time will help.

+20 either side
Repeat R3: as above +2 inc at either end
R4: +7 at either end
R5: as above +3 dec (st)
R6: as above
R7: as pattern +20 st either side +7 st at back +1 dec at front
ADD ROW: hdc, dc 16, hdc, sc 14, sc2tog, sc 18, hdc 8, sc 18, sc2tog, sc 13
ADD ROW: sc around with sc2tog either side
R8: as pattern

26th October, 2020:

I started Emma’s slippers yesterday. I’m going with apple green for the soles and pink for the tops. I might crochet some flowers to tie on top instead of using bows; I’m getting a floral spring vibe from the colours I’ve chosen.

Green soles of a pair of slippers
The soles look a bit narrow but they fit.

I’ve made Cheryl three pairs of slippers by now and have to get her to try them on repeatedly before I’m satisfied that they fit. I got her and Emma both to draw around their feet to make a template this time, and while I still needed Cheryl to try on her autumn slippers to be sure, the template took a lot of the guess work out of the sole adjustments.

28th October, 2020:

I think I’ve finished the first slipper, but I’ll need Emma to try it on before I cut the yarn and start on the top of the second.

I ordered “100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet” by Lesley Stanfield right after my last update. I still have just enough of the brown, fuchsia, and mustard Fabel to play around with the florals for these slippers, but I’m not sure yet what I’ll end up with. I’m thinking maybe a larger central flower and two smaller flowers either side, but we’ll see.

30th October, 2020:

Emma tried on the slipper yesterday and it wasn’t quite right. I frogged back the last round of slip stitch and added another round of sc with a decrease either side, then re-did the slip stitch.

My flower book hasn’t arrived yet, but one slipper is done (minus the flowers and weaving in the ends) and the other should be finished by tomorrow.

31st October, 2020:

The flower book arrived. I do not like it. The instructions seem overly complicated compared with free patterns I’ve seen on the internet.

Having attempted to make several of the flowers in it, and successfully finishing one (that I had to adjust because it was gappy and not at all flower-like) twice, I decided to tie ribbon bows to the slippers, instead.

Flower Slippers

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