Crochet Van

After making my niece’s Crochet Caravan, my nephew asked for one, too. I didn’t want to make it the except same (I don’t like to repeat projects, if I can help it–and the caravan was challenging enough that I really didn’t want to repeat that!) I can’t remember if I went looking or if I stumbled across this pattern by accident, but it was perfect: it just needed enlarging.

Project Details

PATTERN: Volkswagen Van by Epsiej (links to Ravelry)

HOOKS: 2.5mm and 3mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 2 hanks (150m) Cascade Luna (730 Sage)
  • Baker’s Twine
  • White and black yarn from my stash (I don’t know the brand)
  • 4x buttons
  • Plastic canvas
  • Heavy-gauge wire

STARTED: December 30th, 2017
FINISHED: March 20th, 2018

All the van pieces crocheted and lined.

I tried to match the scale of my niece’s Crochet Caravan. I already knew from that project that this one would be floppy and require stabilisation. I went with plastic canvas again, even though it’s not perfect, so it would be washable if need be. (At least I didn’t have to unpick the lining and redo it this time since I already knew I’d be adding canvas before I began!)

I love how cute and quirky the monkey fabric is.

I originally planned to copy the caravan with bunk beds at the front and a seat at the back. However, I realised mid-project that this is a van and would require somewhere for the driver to sit, so I switched it around and put the beds at the back instead.

Bunk beds and seat ready to be attached.

However, the way I made the seat meant it would also be suspended from the ceiling, like the bunks, so it doesn’t look much like the interior of an actual van. (Believe me, I did a lot of image searches for inspiration.)

Dressing up the inside with seating and cushions.

I didn’t bother with seat cushions this time, as it was a driver’s seat and not for lounging. I did, however, knit a waffle-stitch blanket for it to make the interior a bit more cosy.

I love how the monkey peeks out any out from under the driver’s seat.

The final step was attaching the “flap”: one of the sides drops open so my nephew can play with the van like a doll’s house. (It’s apparently home to a few of his Transformers.)

Van complete!

I also added a ribbon handle on top so he can carry it around with him.


I like this one less than my niece’s caravan, but I’m not sure how much of that is the colours I chose for the lining fabric. (I’m a pink fan, what can I say?)

It was, again, a lot of hard work, and I really never want to make anything like this again.

And, again, I’ve had to repair this at least once. I bought actual crafting wire this time and it still keeps sliding out. I’m not really sure how to get around that in future projects, but hopefully it won’t be an issue…

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