Crochet Caravan

I found a pattern for a vintage caravan that seemed too perfect for my 5-year-old niece to pass up, and I had a ton of Cascade Luna I didn’t like, plus a huge stash of bits and bobs I wanted to bust.

Project Details

PATTERN: Crochet Caravan and Mini Vintage Caravan by Kate Bruning (links to Ravelry)

HOOKS: 3.5mm
GAUGE: Don’t know


  • 2 hanks (150m) Cascade Luna (730 Sage)
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Novelty yarn
  • 3x buttons
  • Plastic canvas
  • Heavy-gauge wire (recycled from old garden cloches)

STARTED: May 1st, 2017
FINISHED: September 30th, 2017

All the caravan pieces crocheted and lined.

I had to triple the size because I wanted it to be a doll house of sorts, so I wound up not actually using Kate’s pattern itself and just used it to inform what I was doing.

Made up with bunks and windows attached.

Tripling the size unfortunately made it floppy, so I unpicked the fabric lining to insert plastic canvas. It was still too floppy, but my dad brought some wire in from the old garden cloches and I used that. (Took a while to sand down the points so they’d be safe, though!)

I had fun decorating the window with novelty yarn! The bunks were a pig to attach, though.

I actually knitted the blankets for the bunk beds, rather than crochet. Something about stockinette just looks right, to me. And I had a bit too much fun decorating the windows with novelty yarn!

Dressing up the inside with seating and cushions.

The little seat cushions were fun to make, too, and they look super cute! This was a great way to use up some of my tiny scraps.

Flap attached. My niece can open it and play with it like a doll’s house.

The final step was attaching the “flap”: one of the sides drops open so my niece can play with the caravan like a doll’s house.

Ribbon handle attached for carrying.


I love how this turned out so, so much, and my niece was so happy to open it on Christmas Eve that she barely looked at any of the other gifts she received. (Oops!)

It was a lot of hard work, so much so that I swore off making anything like this again… but then agreed to make one for my nephew too! 

I’ve had to repair this at least once, unfortunately. The wires are not the safest thing in the world and keep sliding out. I may have been better off using cardboard instead of the plastic canvas (or something that didn’t have holes in it, anyway) but I wanted it to be waterproof just in case. (Kids, you know?) And the ribbon handle came undone and I’m apparently the only one in the family who knows how to make knots. 😂

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