Cosmic Pop!

I had a ton of the Bernat Pop! yarn left over after making my niece’s unicorn blanket, so I decided to make another Cosmic CAL. (One day I will actually finish the pattern all the way into a blanket. Today is not that day.)

Project Details

PATTERN: Cosmic CAL by Helen Shrimpton

HOOK: 5mm (Furls Streamline)
GAUGE: No idea


  • 2 cakes Bernat Pop! in 84013 Snow Queen

STARTED: 28th March, 2020
FINISHED: 16th February, 2021

16th February, 2021:

I put this away for a long time with, as it turns out, only half a round to finish. I’m not sure why I put it away, except that I’ve been quite bored with crochet for some time and more focused on my knitting.

KitKat has been plucking/kneading away at the bed in her igloo (a cave-style bed on her main tree) every night for a while, and a carer discovered a hole in the fabric on Sunday. “It’s okay,” she said, laughing along with me because cats, “She hasn’t pulled the stuffing out.”

The very next morning, I awoke to find stuffing streaming out of the hole.

Fortunately, I’d already made two of these mandalas that have featured on KitKat’s main tree for a long time, one on top of the igloo and one on the round platform beneath it. I had intended for this Cosmic CAL to go on a higher bed once it was finished, but I was in no hurry. Now we’ve found the hole, I’ve had to step up my deadline: we moved one of the old mandalas into the igloo to cover the hole and this one is going where it once was.

In short, I pulled it out this afternoon, finished the final half round, and added some tassels. It was done in less than an hour and I’m now sitting here wondering why I couldn’t just finish it aaaaaages ago.


I love this pattern. It holds your interest as you go around and around. Some of the detail is lost if you don’t change colours between rounds, but the texture is great and it looks really good in this colourway.

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