Cosmic CAL Chicken Cushion + Doorstop


I had a bunch of coconuts Drops Fabel left over. I did not want to have any so much Drops Fabel left over.

I decided to do something about it.

Project Details

PATTERN: Cosmic CAL from Crystals and Crochet. I made up the sewn parts myself.

HOOK: 3mm
SIZE: approx. 30cm


  • A bunch of Drops Fabel in various blues (103 Graublau, 105 Turquoise, and 108 Royal Blue). I have no idea how much exactly, sorry.
  • Various fabric remnants
  • Half metre of “Hen Pecked” fabric by Rose and Hubble
  • 22-inch zip
  • Cotton thread

STARTED: 6th March, 2021
FINISHED: 1st May, 2021 (and then I did some sewing)

Project Details

Mandalas are an excellent way to use up a bunch of yarn that you don’t have a lot of (or if, like me, you have no idea how far yarn goes until you run out of it).

I didn’t especially like these colours, and I definitely don’t like the Drops Fabel (too scratchy!) but I wanted an easy crochet project to work on while I focused on knitting Christmas gifts. (Something about the motion of crochet helps loosen my wrists up. I don’t know.)

I figured, even if I hated the result, who cares? I could always throw it in the bin. (I made a pink one before this and it is uuuuuuug-lee.)

How cute is my cat hook from Rad Arta Design?!

So it took a while (because 3mm hook and 4ply yarn), and I frogged it back a few times because I didn’t like the colour choices I made at certain points (which made it take even longer), but eventually it was big enough to become a cushion.

Is it big enough yet? … How ’bout NOW?

And that’s when the sewing came in:

At some point during all the crochet, I’d decided that this blue CAL was actually turning out quite nicely. It doesn’t fit any of the themes in my house, though, and blue is my dad’s favourite colour so I thought I’d treat him to a nice home-made cushion.

(I had recently learned how to actually sew in zips. This project was calling to my new-found skill.)

So I went fabric shopping (online, of course) and eventually stumbled across this:


You’ll only understand how perfect this fabric is once you know two things:

  1. It’s called “Hen Pecked”
  2. My dad owns chickens


Turned out great!

And, okay, so it looks great, right? Woo-hoo!

But I had a relative ton of the chicken fabric left, and no idea how to use it up.

So I went to treacherous trusty old Pinterest for ideas and I regret everything.

Because my dad obviously needed a door stop to match his new cushion! It would be perfect for the shed down on his allotment. And I already had a bunch of glass pebbles left over from Dumbledog the Draught Excluder. And it was a great excuse to try hexagon patchwork.

And I really enjoyed sewing them all together (once I got the hang of which edges to attach to each other.

But then it was time to sew the panels together to make a cube, and I don’t know if you know this but cubes are, well…

Really hard to sew together, okay? I felt like a chicken myself, flapping my wings (elbows) like a madwoman trying to make all the edges fit.

It got even harder the more I sewed! Because you aren’t just lining up two or three edges but a million and I really don’t deal well with numbers over one.

But it turned out okay, I think.

Pretty cute, actually! And I could laugh all day about sneaking fox hexes in with the others. Especially because I’m not sure my dad even noticed, so at some point in the far, far distant future, someone’s going to comment on it and he’s going to be very, very surprised to realise his fabric hens are in danger.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my craftiness (all meanings intended).

By the way, just to keep the chicken/blue theme going, I also bought him a sign that says “The Hen House” and a set of chicken-shaped garden stakes. 🐣

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