Autumn Slippers

When I bought the Mulled Spice Wine yarn from Mothy and the Squid, I intended it for a cardigan or sweater or something for autumn.

Unfortunately, my Seaside Cardigan is taking so long that I don’t want to add another big project right now, so I decided to make myself some autumn slippers instead.

Project Details

PATTERN: Oma’s House Slippers by Mamachee

HOOK: 4mm
SIZE: 4.5 UK and 5 UK


  • 60g (240m) Mulled Spice Wine (Mothy and the Squid)
  • 30g (120m) Drops Fabel (300 Brown)
  • 20g (80m) Drops Fabel (111 Mustard)

STARTED: 8th October, 2020
FINISHED: 23rd October, 2020

Pattern Adjustments

For My Slippers

+12 st either side
Repeat R3: +2 inc either end
Repeat R3 again: +5 inc at back, +4inc at front
R4: +11 st at back, +17 st either side, +8 st at front
R5: as above +4 dec at front
R6: as above
R7: as above +2 dec at front
Repeat R6: as above, 10 st at front
Repeat R7: as above +4 dec at front
Repeat R6: as above 6 st at front
ADD ROW OF SC, sc2tog either side
R8: sl2tog either side to tighten sides

For Cheryl’s Slippers

+16 ch
+16 st either side
Repeat R3: +2 inc either end
R4: +7 dc at back, +4 hdc at front
R5: as above +2 dec 
R6: as above +1 hdc
R7: as above +1 dec
+7 hdc at back, sc around, sc2tog either side
+7 dc at back, 1 hdc, sc around with dec either side
R8: sl2tog either side

7th October, 2020:

I knew my Mulled Spice Wine yarn from Mothy and the Squid was going to be for some sort of autumn wear, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. My cardigan is taking so long to knit that another one seemed like a bad idea.

But I did need some autumn slippers. I already have watermelons for summer, pink and mint sparkles for spring, and navy and silver sparkles for winter. I was only missing autumn, and October was the perfect time to remedy this dire situation.

So, I went through my stash of Drops Fabel* and picked out the brown.

*Because I didn’t want to use the fancy stuff on the sole that’s going to get worn out and grubby. And also because I can never tell how much yarn I’m going to need so I always try to overestimate and that means, in the case of slippers, having a different colour for the bottom.

17th October, 2020:

I started my slippers (5 UK) on the 8th of October. I didn’t finish them until the 17th, for some reason I don’t remember. (I can normally do half a slipper in a day.)

I had to adjust the pattern, as I usually do with these slippers (mostly because I use thinner yarn than required, which throws off my gauge pretty significantly). And after a couple of days of wear, I decided they needed sprucing up a bit so I added the ribbon.

Autumn Slippers for Me
I used The Works tool from We R Memory Keepers to make the bow. It’s tricky, but a lot more secure than doing it by hand.

18th October, 2020:

As I was showing off the MSW I’d picked out for my slippers, my carer got stars in her eyes so, of course, despite choosing not to make gifts this year, I decided that I just had to make her a pair as well.

We picked out my MAD Batch at first, but she wasn’t entirely keen and I realised I’d have enough of the Mulled Spice Wine to make her slippers after mine so we went with autumn slippers for her, too.

I lost yarn chicken and had to combine the Fabel with the MSW to make up for it.

Well, what an adventure!

First, I ran out of the yellow I was using for the soles and had to redo the last round with a mix of Fabel and MSW (above).

Then, after several rounds of the foot, I realised the slipper was just as long as mine (at least half a size larger) and had to rip all the way back, including the last row of the sole.

Frogging can be annoying, but it can also be cathartic. On the plus side, I won yarn chicken, after all!

Variation on a theme: Mulled Spice Wine tops with Fabel Yellow soles.

23rd October, 2020:

The second set of slippers look great. (Much cuter than mine. I wish I had smaller feet.)

We decided they’d be a belated birthday gift (to replace Dumbledog the Snake, which her dog has stolen), and she’ll be getting my Seafoam Hat for Christmas instead. She had to try them on a bunch of times


One of these days, I will be better able to guesstimate how much yarn I’ll require for a project so I won’t have to play yarn chicken all the dang time!

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