This is a booklet designed for large ring-bound planners like the A5 Filofax or large Kikki K, or to stand alone as an A5 notebook.

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Ideas Flourish

Ideas Flourish

This is a booklet designed for ring-bound planners like the personal-sized Filofax or medium-sized Kikki K.

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Ideas Blossom

Ideas Blossom

This is a booklet designed for the regular-sized Midori Traveller’s Notebook.

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5 public places to write in

5 public places to write in

I talked once about how important it is to have a dedicated place to write in. But what happens if you don’t have an office and can’t afford a desk?

One alternative is to find a public place that has everything you need to be able to write. If you hang out on the NANOWRIMO forums during November, you’ll see lots of talk about writing (and hanging out) in your favourite café, but they’re not the only spaces you could try.

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Why you need writing space

Why you need writing space

Writing is not a 9-5 job so it can be tough to actually sit down and get started. There’s no one standing over you to supervise all those hours you spend online for “research” or yell at you for ogling your Instagram feed when you should be writing. Being able to manage your own time and motivate yourself to work is essential, but creativity doesn’t just turn on like a switch.

Or does it?

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