July Highlights

I’ve been transferring projects out of my Ravelry notebook here to my blog. I’m using the Portfolio section so you won’t be inundated with notifications every time I make a tiny adjustment or update my WIP notes, but that also means I won’t get to show off. Hence, a new (to me) post type: monthly highlights!

Yarn Projects

In this case, I’m still working on my Cosmic Pop! CAL from leftover Bernat Pop! yarn, but I finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself and knitted an adorable stuffed cat called Labby for a giveaway to celebrate KitKat’s 7th birthday on Instagram.

From My Shop

If you don’t already know, I opened an Etsy store called Flamingo Cat Crafts back in January. I sell stitch markers and progress keepers, keychains, zipper charms, and even some handmade stationery.

Check out these gorgeous summer-themed goodies!

Summer On Our Instagram

I don’t especially like the summer: too many bugs, too much heat, and my eyes dry out from a combination of hayfever (despite being stuck indoors) and having the fan on constantly.

I do love how sunny it (usually) is, though the pic below looks more like a March garden than a summery day!

And I’m calling it now, guys: this has got to be the favourite of the year: the Love Bug subscription box from Planners Anon. Just look at all those reds. ❤

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  1. Ok, so I am going to show my ignorance here: what does a stitch marker do?


    1. Emma says:

      Aha. The short (and somewhat facetious) answer is that they mark stitches. It’s an accurate answer, but largely unhelpful if you don’t already know what they are, which… hmm.

      The longer and, hopefully, more helpful answer is that they’re little thingamabobbies that help you keep your count when knitting/crocheting.

      The even longer and probably confusing answer is:

      There are different types (which is one of the reasons I have so many and not, er, because I like making them or anything). You get ring markers (that aren’t removable) for knitting when you want to keep count of your actual, individual stitches. (For instance, my Turtally Awesome and (Pine)apple of my Eye markers there are both on rings.) These are handy if you’re moving them every time you knit, so for instance you’re knitting a lace sweater or something. I knitted a shawl for my sister once that had 90 stitches per row, but that was basically the same 9 stitches repeated 10 times. (You’d be amazed how many times I had to frog that damned shawl before I started using markers.) You’d have a marker every 9 stitches so you’d know, “Hang on. This section only has 8 stitches. I need to count all the stitches on this row to make sure I didn’t put the marker in the wrong place… 89? Crap, I have to go back and pick that stitch back up or the lace will look a mess.” (Good luck actually finding which stitch you dropped, though.)

      There are also removable markers for knitting and crochet that are better for counting rows or stitches where you need to remove the marker without having to undo the project. xD These tend to have lobster clasps and sometimes also serve as progress keepers, like if I’m working on a project that just doesn’t seem to be GOING anywhere, I can put a progress keeper on the first row I knit/crochet that day, and I can see how much work I’ve actually done on it by the end of the day. (A lot of podcasters/vloggers use them, I guess so they can say to their viewers “lookit, I made a thing, but only half a thing, this is where I finished last time and this is how much I’ve done since you saw it last”. And also maybe to showcase Etsy sellers because we like to share the love like that?)

      I hope this was actually the answer you were looking for and not just a bunch of rambling.

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      1. Ah, I see! I’m only a novice knitter so it took me ages to figure out how to fix wrong stitches. Can’t imagine knitting lace! I’m still on knit 2, purl 2 …

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Emma says:

          I’m the sort of beginner who likes a challenge even when it near about kills me with frustration 🤦‍♀️ Stitch markers aren’t a godsend, and also really fun to make xD

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