How to use Auto Text Complete in Liquid Story Binder


Denahih Jhiah. Ishidah Tahnih. Azhela Qhashiil. Epheni Qhaarqhiin Tiqhomh.

As you can imagine, writing out such strange names can be a chore, even if you don’t suffer from Frequent Typo Syndrome. Stopping to check how a city name is spelled or if it’s “i before e” can really slow your writing — or kill your muse dead right where you sit.

Getting it right doesn’t matter for the first draft. But there’s a neater way. A better way. A brilliant way: Liquid Story Binder’s built-in Auto Text Complete tool.


What is the Auto Text Complete?

LSB’s Auto Text Complete is a nifty little trick that lets you create a list of words in advance. Then, when you’re writing, the Auto Text Complete tool will — you guessed it — automatically fill in any of those words as you start typing them. It’s kind of like Google’s auto suggest tool for the search bar. You start typing a word and get a list of suggestions for the rest of the word or sentence.

I used Auto Text Complete for “Ibandhuul” and “Azhazhelumh” for The Spy Master. I used it for “Adénin” when I was writing The Dragon Lord (because inserting that special symbol every time was a pain in the butt). And now I’m going to use it for a couple of the character names in the fourth story in my Guardians trilogy (don’t ask) because they’re long and tricky to type (and my hands really just don’t bend that way).


Create the words

The first you have to do is create the word you want to auto fill.

  1. Open Liquid Story Binder. If you have multiple projects, open the binder you need.
  2. Click on “Tools” in the main menu.
  3. Select “Auto Text Complete”.
  4. You’ll get a popup panel like the one at right (though your entry panel will most likely be empty).
  5. In the Text Entry field, type in the word you want to automatically complete (e.g. Adénin).
  6. Click “Add Word Entry”.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until you’ve added all the words you need to auto fill. All your entries will appear in the “Auto Word Complete Entries” list panel.
  8. Click “Finished” when you’re done.


LSB Auto Text Complete


You can’t edit words if you mess up, but you can delete entries easily by clicking on them and then hitting the “Delete Selected Entries” button in the Auto Text Complete panel. (You can hold CTRL to select multiple entries and delete them all in one go.) It does mean re-adding words if you misspell them the first time around or change your mind, but it’s still easier in the long run than having to type them all out yourself.


You can now cheat and get someone else to spell the hard words for you. 😉 Have fun!


Auto Type

LSB Auto Text Complete

Next time you begin to write a word you’ve listed as an Auto Text Complete entry, you’ll get a tool-tip suggesting the rest of the word.

If you have multiple words beginning with the same letter (e.g. “Tahnih” and “Tenoh”), just keep typing. Each extra letter will present the next option in an alphabetically sorted list (so typing “T” will bring up “Tahnih”, but if you type “Te” then you’ll get “Tenoh” instead.)


Note: Auto Text Complete sadly does not work in Typewriter mode.


How to use the Auto Text Complete tool in Liquid Story Binder


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