2017 Stash Busting Challenge

Once I finally learned to knit, it was an easy decision to take back all the yarn I’d de-stashed for charity and use it as a stash-busting/practice project instead.


Knitting projects on Asana
Craft project todo list in Asana.


My todo list might seem daunting to look at, but so are the giant sacks of yarn I want to get through.


Stash bag full of yarn


It’s sadly not all daisies and roses, though. Some of the yarn I’ve bought over the years is gorgeous but what I’d categorise as “novelty”, which makes it incredibly difficult to knit (or crochet, for that matter).

This wonderful peacock B&M Twist, for instance, looks sublime until it’s on the needles. (Splitting aside, it’s a lumpy boucle that looks just awful with the knit stitches I currently know.)



Some of the projects on my list aren’t set in stone. I’ve already changed my mind about the Cascade Luna half a dozen times since I got it in January, and started (and re-started) projects with it another half dozen times in between. My cousin suggested crocheting with it instead, but I want to practice knitting so who knows what I’ll actually end up doing with it?


Knitted hat & scarf
These Drops Eskimo arm warmers are too big but lovely and warm. And how beautiful is the Wool & The Gang Crazy Sexy Wool in this hat?


The Challenge

I set myself a challenge back in January: use up all the yarn in my stash before I buy more.

That might sound easy to experienced knitters, but:

  • Three sacks is an awful lot of yarn to work through.
  • Some of it isn’t even yarn I feel confident enough yet to use.
  • Most of it isn’t in the quantity I’d need for the projects I’d want to use it for.
  • I’m easily distracted. (I already let myself get seduced by a trio of sewing projects when I’ve been “working” on a memory quilt for my nephew since he was two! 🙈 (He’s now seven.))


Knitting an autumn scarf for charity
This scarf in James C. Brett Marble Chunky was my first successful knit project. I actually bought the yarn years ago for a crochet cardigan but started to hate it. This project made me fall in love again, though. Just look at all that burnished autumnal gold.


I’ve made progress. Seven finished objects since January ain’t half bad. (Two of those projects were armwarmers and technically count as twins.)


Knitting projects on Asana


I still feel like I need a kick up the backside sometimes, though (especially when my “vision” for a project turns into an unrecognisable mess on the needles), but who doesn’t?


Are you stash-busting, too?

I don’t think I’ve met a crafter yet who doesn’t have a massive stash of some sort or another. If you’re a multi-crafter (like me), the chances are astronomically high that you have multiple stashes, too, and frequently lament lack of space.

I’m actually enjoying busting my stash, though — not least because it means that, when I’m done, I’ll have room to fill it all back up again!


2 Replies to “2017 Stash Busting Challenge”

  1. Making me feel bad about my stash pile now because I can’t stop myself from buying more yarn xD I feel I need to take a leaf from your book and go through what I have, making a list of projects to use everything up – though I I imagine most of my projects would just be ‘eh, this could probably just make a cat blanket from this’ 😀

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