How to add an image to a dossier in Liquid Story Binder

If you’re like me and need images to inspire you and help you describe your characters, then it’s really handy to have those images attached to your character profiles so you don’t have to keep flipping between apps to look something up.

Liquid Story Binder XE lets you do this within the dossier — and, even better, you can have entire galleries of images attached, too!

Please be aware of plagiarism and copyright laws. It’s one thing to use art as inspiration (e.g. “I like how that creature moves”), but it’s entirely another to copy an artist or writer’s work verbatim.



Before you can use images in Liquid Story Binder, you have to import them into your project binder first. This is because you can only use images in LSB that you have already told it it can use.

Make sure to give your image files recognisable names before you import them. It’s a pain in the neck to try changing the names afterward!


Import Images
Importing images in Liquid Story Binder


To import one or a selection of images:

1. Click on “Library” in LSB’s main menu.

2. Go to “Import Documents” and then “Import Images”.

3. From the new window that pops up, choose the directory on your hard drive where your images are stored by clicking on “Change Import Directory”, choosing the correct folder, and then clicking “OK”.
How to change the import directory in Liquid Story Binder


4. You’ll get a list of the images in the folder you’ve selected. If you haven’t given them recognisable file names, it can be tough to figure out which ones you need, but clicking on one in the left panel (such as the above “Eunice-the-Wicked-Worm.001”) will show you a preview thumbnail on the right.

5. Go through the files to select which images you want to import. (Use CTRL to select multiple files.)

6. Click “import selected documents”.


TIP: Although there are checkboxes next to the file names in your document listing (see the screenshot above), these checkboxes don’t actually do anything and are purely for style. Click on the file name itself instead.




Now that you have your images imported and available for use in Liquid Story Binder, it’s time to attach them to the appropriate dossiers.


1. Click on the “Content” menu in your dossier window.


Attach Image
Attaching an image to a dossier in Liquid Story Binder


2. Click on “Image…” in the Content menu.

3. Pick the image you want to attach to your dossier.

4. Click “Make Selection !!” Your image will now appear in your dossier.


If you’ve attached the wrong image by mistake or changed your mind, just go through the above process again and choose the correct one.

You can click repeatedly on the main image in your dossier to change its size and rotation.


Removing the image


To remove an image from your dossier altogether, you can simply click on the “content” menu again and then “remove image”.


How to add images in Liquid Story Binder


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