Easter Bunny Baskets

While destashing my yarn, I came across three gorgeous skeins of Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut mohair in aqua, pink, and an aqua-pink mix.


Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut mohair yarn in aqua
Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut mohair yarn in aqua


I don’t normally have much use for mohair (too itchy to wear and the skeins were too small) but I’d already saved this pattern for an adorable mohair bunny a bunch of times on Pinterest.

(I’ve found other versions of the pattern since, so I don’t actually know who it originated from, but the mohair pattern by Anette is the cutest I’ve seen.)


Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut work in progress
Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut work in progress


I decided to make one (originally for myself because reasons) but it was fun to knit up, great practice for the knit/garter stitch, and so darned cute when it was done that I just couldn’t resist making a second.


Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut mohair yarn; work in progress and the bunny I made earlier
Louisa Harding La Quattre Salut mohair yarn; work in progress and the bunny I made earlier


The sewing part was no fun. Like, seriously, the pattern isn’t really so much a pattern as simple instructions that, with practice, probably make perfect sense. I didn’t do too badly but I forgot to secure the ears into shape before finishing off the pink one, and the seam up the back of the aqua is ugly.

(So ugly, in fact, that I’m just not going to show it to you. And no, it’s not because I forgot to take pics. ¬_¬)


Mohair knitted bunnies
Hoppity hop!


Guys. OMG. Those pompom tails. I’m so glad I bought myself a pompom making kit because they’re so fun to make when you A) have the right tools and/or B) know what the heck you’re doing.


Mohair knitted bunnies
Hippity hop!


By this stage, I’d decided they would make superb Easter gifts for my niece and nephew, and the Halloween cauldrons I put together last year were such a hit that I decided to try it again. Only, you know, Easter-themed instead.


Mohair knitted bunnies
A hippy to the hop!


But what’s an Easter basket without an actual basket, right? Well, I had planned to crochet some baskets up out of the yarn I was destashing, but I couldn’t find any that I liked for the Easter theme. I shopped around on eBay and found these cute carrot baskets for about £2 each instead.


Carrot Easter baskets


And rather than buy pre-shredded tissue paper, I tore up some of the green and yellow I had in my stash. (I started out using a ruler but got kind of lazy so a lot of the yellow is in chunks instead of strips.)


Carrot Easter baskets


Of course, no Easter treat is complete without some form of chocolate (preferably egg shaped!) so I got a couple of bags of Mini Eggs and a 12-box of Creme Eggs. I managed to fit four of the Creme Eggs into the bottom of each basket with tissue paper arranged prettily around them, then scattered half a bag of the Mini Eggs in each basket and sat the bunnies on top.

(Oh, dear. A whole bag of Mini Eggs left over. Whatever shall I do?)


Carrot Easter baskets


I still had some cellophane left over from Christmas a couple of years ago. (Just enough to wrap both baskets, as it turns out!) I used yellow Baker’s Twine to fasten them up but it doesn’t look quite right so I’ll probably raid my ribbon stash. I’ve got plenty of time to pretty them up a bit more before Easter actually comes around.



I found it tougher to draw up stuff for the quiz/activity cards, though. My nephew still wants to play the game months after Halloween, so I can’t disappoint him!

(“Hop like a bunny” is an obvious choice but we’re not religious so coming up with other stuff to ask/do proved tricky.)



Still, making the cards themselves was easy: I had some plain 12 x 12″ cardstock in my stash so I cut a sheet each of pale green and peach into 2 x 2.5″ cards.



There are only about twelve activities (questions like “What do bunnies eat?”) but a couple of them can be reused and the kids are creative. I’m always blown away by how the eldest takes the foundations of the game and then comes up with his own add-ons for it.

Fingers crossed this one’s as popular as the Halloween quiz!


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