How to create dossier templates in Liquid Story Binder

I once talked about how you could easily create a character sheet — or location, creature, or species profiles — using Liquid Story Binder XE’s (LSB) dossier tool.

LSB has several templates already built-in, but they might not suit you if you prefer longer profiles or like to save vertical space (like me), so now I’m going to teach you how to create your own.

You’ll first need to read LSB: Character Dossiers to learn how to create basic dossiers. From there, things get a tiny bit more complicated.


How to create a template

Follow the same basic steps to create a blank dossier, but instead of filling it with one of the built-in templates, we’re going to create our own.

In the tradition of examples, we’re going to create a character dossier with fields like name, age, and species.


LSB Empty Template
An empty dossier in Liquid Story Binder


I recommend saving your blank dossier as a template by naming it “Character Template”. This is in case you accidentally delete the template from the Titles menu at some point (something I learned the hard way). You’ll at least have a copy of the blank template to open up and re-save if you have it as a proper dossier file as well.


Design your template

Once you have your blank dossier, it’s time to start adding items and titles.

I suggest working out what fields you want to add on paper (or in WordPad or something) first because it’s easier to cross stuff out, move it around, and rename it there than it is in LSB.

  1. Click on an existing item.
  2. Click on the little empty square in the toolbar. (It says “New Item” if you hover over it. FYI, new items are inserted above the active item, not below.)
  3. Double-click on the title at the top of the newly created item.
  4. Type in your title name (e.g. “Age”)
  5. DO NOT fill the captions. You need to leave them empty so you can save this as a blank template.
  6. Save your template by hitting F12.

Repeat steps 1-6 until you have filled your template with all the profile fields you need.


Save the blank dossier as a template

Now you have your template laid out, it’s time to save it as such.

  1. Click “Titles” in the dossier’s menu.
  2. Go to “Save Titles List…”
  3. Input a name for your template (e.g. “Character Template”).
  4. Click OK.

You will now be able to choose this template from the Titles menu whenever you create a new dossier.


LSB Dossier Template
A blank dossier template in Liquid Story Binder



If you mess up or decide you’d rather have the Age field above the Gender field, you can move the items around or just delete them by using the buttons in the toolbar:

  • Move an item up and down the list using the up and down arrows in the toolbar.
  • Delete items using the big X button in the toolbar.

And there you have it! You can now create character dossiers from the build-in pre-made templates, or make your very own. Enjoy! 🙂

Unfortunately, you cannot change the template in a pre-existing dossier, so try to be as sure as you can be that you’re not going to change your mind before you start using your new template for actual files.


How to create dossier templates in Liquid Story Binder


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