101 gift ideas for the chronically ill: Part 3

Are you ready for Part Three of my spifftastic list of gift ideas for the disabled and/or chronically ill?

(Here are Parts One and Two for the first fifty ideas.)

These printables are designed for Christmas, but most of the gift ideas are good for year-round birthdays and treats.

I’ve tried to keep the items under £20 but a couple of the more expensive goodies snuck in… ¬_¬

101 Gift Ideas for the Chronically Ill

Feel free to print off this infographic, or wait until the entire series is out next month for the A4 version.

This series was originally inspired by a lady on Facebook (who shall go unnamed for her protection) who asked me to write about things that comfort me on bad days, and what might help others in our situation do the same. It probably favours women suffering from severe ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia because that’s who I am and who I intended to speak to, but it should benefit many others as well.

Also thanks to my friends for some of the suggestions when I was starting to struggle. 101 is a lot, yo!

Personal use only, please!

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