Confessions of a Plannerholic: The Planner Society

July’s was my last kit from The Planner Society after I cancelled at the end of May.

My confession is that I both regret cancelling, and am also relieved.

I regret cancelling because every single kit I’ve received to date has been filled to the brim with well-made and marvellously designed planner goodies.


The Planner Society July


I’m relieved because each month cost almost £30 (more than $12 of which was for shipping) and I can’t afford to keep doing it.


The Planner Society July


I have another confession, too: Several of the items from each kit are languishing in my planner bags right now because I have no idea how to use them.

The paper clips, for instance, just don’t work with my planner style. (I leave it open on my bed. Clips go missing regularly. I no longer use clips as a result.) I can’t figure out how to attach the gorgeous charm that came with the May kit to my Happy Planner. There are pens that I love but that are far too thin for me to grip, and there are other bits that, though yummy to look at, are just a waste of space (and money) for me.


The Planner Society July


I plan (haha!) to put the unused items in my next giveaway. In the meantime, I felt like I was basically flinging money at the US Postal Service (who, along with Royal Mail, seem to be taking longer and longer to actually get my Planner Society goodies to my door).


The Planner Society July


This was going to be my last review of The Planner Society kit.

Except what can I say that I haven’t said already? Nothing has changed in this month’s kit in terms of quality or value for money: I was excited to receive it and gleeful to open it like a child on Christmas morn. I sit and think about all the ways the stickers and the die-cut pieces and journalling cards will make my planner look good. And even the pieces I won’t use give me joy just to look at them.


The Planner Society July



And so, I say goodbye to Christy Tomlinson and her team with a heavy and regretful heart — along with a final confession that, as soon as my finances will allow it, I fully intend to sign up once again.


The Planner Society July


Until that day, enjoy your kits if you’re a Planner Society gal, or join me in envious ogling if you’re not. ;D



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12 Replies to “Confessions of a Plannerholic: The Planner Society”

  1. I’m just gonna continue admiring the planner society box from a distance – I’m doing really good this month, so far, with my no craft or planner buying so let’s hope I can keep that up! (But seriously, everything is so pretty, the temptation is real! xD)

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      1. Good idea with the spend limit! I guess I haven’t gone completely no spend – I’m allowed by tools. I spend about €30 last week stocking up on glue and tape because I was completely out and couldn’t make anything!

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      2. I stumbled across a whole box of double-sided tape while destashing so I’m set on that for a while. (5 rolls will go far, right? XD) I don’t even remember buying them!

        It’s annoying when you have to replace tools & equipment, though. Like, I’d much rather spend my allowance on the good stuff, you know? But without the essentials, the good stuff is basically useless, so it has to be done. You can’t break a few eggs without… something.

        I’ve decided this week that I’m cutting back on specialty stuff, too, so instead of replacing the 6mm tape I just ran out of, I plan to just trim the 1 and 1.2cm tapes I still have in stock where needed. (I use them mostly on envelopes right now so there won’t be much trimming needed anyway.) I’m well stocked on embellishments like buttons & rhinestones (to the point I actually need to use some up to free up some storage space) but I keep seeing stuff I want to buy anyway. Knowing I’ve reached this month’s limit is really helping with that. Instead of feeling like I haven’t bought myself anything in ages, I can tell myself “you’ve already used up this month’s allowance, wait until next month” — and, 9 times out of 10, I realise I don’t want it that badly next month and that there’s something else I’d rather spend the money on. It’s helping me cut right down on how much I’m actually buying while simultaneously managing the jonesing feeling I get when I haven’t spent money in a while.

        I feel a bit like a self-sufficient Old West pioneer because I’m being cheap and practical instead of just going out and buying stuff I don’t really need. XD We’ll have to see how long I last at this “making do” lark, though! (There’s no way I’d have survived as a real pioneer!)

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      3. Haha, what a find! Five rolls is a lot! – Although that probably wouldn’t last me very long because I really use a lot of adhesives! I use far more than I need when making crafts because I convince myself that it’ll just fall apart otherwise. They won’t, but I get paranoid, especially when making something I’m giving to someone else – I just cover things in tape! xD
        It’s good to hear that your craft spending is going well – so far so good for me too! Although next month, I might do what you’re doing and set a limit rather than just ‘no spending’. I’m definitely feeling the urge to buy something and it’s getting hard to resist! Good thing my birthday is at the start of October so I can use that as a shopping excuse to pick up a few things 😀

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      4. Probably better to use too much than too little. XD

        I definitely recommend having a spending limit rather than going cold turkey, but I have basically no willpower, so I’m probably not the best role model there. My birthday’s on Monday and I already spent my birthday allowance (on much needed furniture/storage and I actually spent less than I’d allowed myself (all of £3! XD) so it’s not bad or anything, but now I’m all “but I want to buy myself XYZ too!” because apparently my brain doesn’t think redesigning my bedroom is glamourous enough to count as a birthday gift.

        A birthday is definitely a good excuse for a shopping trip, though. ;D

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      5. Well I might take your advice and set myself some limits for next month rather then spend nothing. I did actually get some new crafting supplies yesterday! But my mom bought them for me and we called it part of my birthday present so that’s how I’m justifying it xD
        Haha, I know how that feels – once you buy the furniture to rearrange a room, then you just want to buy more things to re-fill it up 😀

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