8 US Cat Boxes

When I first started researching subscription boxes for cats, it was actually for my American friend. Since I’m British, it seemed weird to write a blog post that wasn’t aimed at other Brits — but it also seemed like a waste of a good list to not write a counterpart to my UK Subscription Boxes.

What is a subscription box?

If you don’t know what a subscription box is yet, I don’t blame you. They’re apparently quite popular, but I was living under a rock for a long time. Check out my previous post for a quick summary.

What are your options?

If you live in the United States, there are a number of boxes you can subscribe to. There are also a couple that are either based in or that ship to Canada.

These are the ones that cropped up on Google the most often, listed in no particular order.

I have not tried any of the cat-related subscription boxes so I can’t do a proper review of them for you. Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think!

1. KitNip Box

  • Available in: USA (with shipping to Canada and UK)
  • Monthly Cost: $19.99 for the basic box, or $29.99 for the multi-cat box
  • Shipping: Free within the continental US. (Add $6.95 to Canada or $7.95 to the UK)
  • Cancellation: Log in to cancel at least 1 week before next shipment (read their full FAQ here for details)
  • Number of items included: 4+ or 6+

KitNip offers two different types of subscription:

  • The Happy Cat KitNip Box is intended for single-cat households, and contains “4 or more goodies“;
  • The Multi-Cat KitNip Box is intended for multiple cats. It contains “6 or more goodies“, including all the same items from the Happy Cat box.
Kitnip Box
Cat not included

I was in two minds about including this because there are no preview pictures from the company itself, but they do at least include a list of what came in a previous month’s box via PDF (mostly toys with a single packet of treats). They do have a page showing off their customers’ photos, though,which gives you a better idea of quantity and quality.

2. meowbox

  • Available in: USA and Canada
  • Monthly Cost: $32.95 (or less if you pay for more months upfront)
  • Shipping: Free
  • Cancellation:  Email them on the last day of the month (see details in their FAQ)
  • Number of items included: 5+

meowbox puts “5 or more” goodies in each box, but it seems a bit steeply priced for what was in previous boxes. It’s nice that they donate a can of cat food to a shelter for every box they sell, and at least some of the toys are handmade and/or organic, but I’d still have to research more to see if I could buy those items cheaper elsewhere before I committed.

3. Dearest Whiskers

  • Available in: USA and international (with caveats)
  • Monthly Cost: $29.99+
  • Shipping: Free within the continental US. (See their Shipping/Returns page for details on international shipping)
  • Cancellation: Email them
  • Number of items included: 3-4

The price for the Dearest Whiskers subscription box seems pretty steep again given that you only get 3-4 items in each one, but someone did the leg work for us and judged each box she received to be equal or higher than the monthly cost. Their preview page at least suggests the toys are well made and that they include a nice variety of different things, and their FAQ states they focus “on handmade, artisan cat toys … picked for [their] quality  & unique value”.

Dearest Whiskers

4. Pet Gift Box

  • Available in: USA
  • Monthly Cost: $28.99 (or less if you commit to 3+ month subscription)
  • Shipping: Free
  • Cancellation: Log in
  • Number of items included: 4-6

Pet Gift Box is for dogs and cats, but seems more popular among dog owners so there are far fewer photos to gape at. They do have a couple of short reviews on their home page, but nothing else to help you judge if the subscription would be worth the money.

Pet Gift Box

5. Purr Packs

  • Available in: USA
  • Monthly Cost: $24.99+
  • Shipping: Free within the continental US
  • Cancellation: It doesn’t say, but I’m guessing you log in (check their FAQ for (lack of) details)
  • Number of items included: 5-9+ depending on the pack you choose

Just for the record, I love the Purr Packs website and their favicon is too cute for words.

I don’t like that they don’t really show you what you get in each box. (I’d like to believe that the pictures on their home page are accurate previews, but they don’t actually say that.) There are no social media icons to get an idea of how happy customers are, either.

That said, Purr Packs does something none of the other subscription boxes do: outlines the value of the items included in each box according to their retail price. Judging from this (which could be an advertising exaggeration, but is probably legit), this subscription is more than worth the monthly cost (“roughly 150%” according to their FAQ).

Purr Packs

They also allow you to customise your packs to provide flavour and coat profiles so that if your cat doesn’t like beef, then your box won’t include anything beef flavoured. (This sadly isn’t an option for the cheapest Teaser pack.)

And honestly, the shallow artist in me is finding it hard to resist Purr Packs because their site is just so pretty. They also donate 10% of their profits to various pet rescues and sanctuaries, which is always a good thing. (It’s a shame they don’t ship to the UK… although my bank probably thanks them!)

6. Cuddle Crate Pet Pakz

  • Available in: USA
  • Monthly Cost: $28.99+ (or less if you pay for more months in advance)
  • Shipping: Free to the Lower US. $5 to Hawaii & Alaska
  • Cancellation: Log in
  • Number of items included: 4-9+ depending on the “level” of your membership

Cuddle Crate Pet Pakz is unusual in this list because it caters to small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits as well as to dogs and cats. That said, their review page (the only preview of the items you’ll get) heavily favours the doggy portion of their clientele, so it’s still tough to gauge if Pet Pakz are worth the money for kitties. The pictures I saw suggests you get some really nice items, though.

Cuddle Crates

There’s a detailed review of a bunny+dog box over on Paw Print Pet Blog if you’re interested. They don’t mention the cat box, but it should give you a better idea of what you’re getting into before you buy.


  • Available in: Canada
  • Monthly Cost: $39.95 (presumably Canadian)
  • Shipping: Unknown
  • Cancellation: Log in or email before the 1st day of the calendar month (see their FAQ for details)
  • Number of items included: 5-6, or 5-8 if you get the multi-pet box

One of my favourite things about these subscription services is that some of them donate some of the proceeds to animal charities. In FURKID’s case, that’s 20% — plus, if your pets don’t like items in the box, you can either return them or donate them to your local pet shelter. Furthermore, if you donate a whole box, you can claim a free gift box from FURKID instead.(Check out their FAQ for more information.)

Another thing in the plus column is that FURKID lets you customise the box, with options for gender, if your pet is a heavy chewer or a gentle player, if they prefer soft or crunchy treats, and so on. You can also let them know if your or your pet have any allergies, or if they don’t like certain flavours — though you can only select one so if your pet is gluten-intolerant and doesn’t like beef, you’re out of luck on at least one score. (That’s still better than many other subscription boxes, though!)


As with most of the subscription services that do multiple pets, most of the pictures on the FURKID home page are of dogs so it’s a little difficult to judge the contents of the cat boxes. FURKID doesn’t have a “what’s in the box” page, either, though their FAQ does mention that the box includes “the same high quality items from the stockroom of Paws & Play that you have come to love and adore… one or two high quality toy(s), 1 healthy full sized treat, a cool gadget, a gourmet chew or cookie and as always cool freebies!” That’s great if you have any experience with or knowledge of “Paws & Play”, but Google really isn’t my friend in this case so I have no idea if their stuff really is high quality or if it’s just a marketing ploy.

That said, there are a few pictures in their Pinterest and Instagram accounts displaying some of their previous boxes, and they don’t look half bad.

8. Pet Pack

  • Available in: USA & Canada
  • Monthly Cost: $29 USD (or less if you pay for more months upfront)
  • Shipping: $5 within the US, $12 to Canada
  • Cancellation: Log in
  • Number of items included:

One thing that always puts me off purchasing something is the shipping fees, and that’s no different with Pet Pack. Their FAQ says: “We know it looks like a lot, but we charge … for each month of your subscription.” It doesn’t actually answer the question posed (“WHOA! Why am I paying so much for shipping?”), and it seems rather cheeky given that most of the other subscription boxes offer free shipping for the exact same thing.

Pet Pack

While Pet Pack offers some custom options, it’s only if you pay for six months upfront. That includes $30 shipping to the United States, or $72 shipping to Canada. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a hell of a lot of money going to the US Postal Service compared with other subscriptions.

There’s also no indication of what you get in each box, or how many items you can expect. They do have an Instagram account with a couple of pictures, but they don’t explain what each item is and it seems mostly geared toward pointing you at their shop.

What would you choose?

I live in the UK, so I obviously won’t be trying any of these myself. I gave this list to my friend so I’ll let you know if he decides to try any of them and what he thinks — but in the meantime, I’d be very interested to hear from you!

8 subscription boxes for American cats
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