Week 29 Planner Spread: British Summer

For some reason, I forgot to take pictures of this week’s spread before I scribbled all over it. (Or maybe I lost said photos somewhere in the aether between my iPhone, iPad, and computer. Who knows?)

Anyway. This is another one making use of half a doily. The pack I rediscovered weeks ago has some super pretty ones in it, including the blue dotty one from last week and this gorgeous green floral. It matches Pink Paislee’s C’est Le Vie collection really well, especially the bloom strips of washi tape.


Week 29


There’s also some Planner Society stuff from the May and June kits, and a cute tape with weird little forest critters on it from The Lovely Desk.


Week 29


It’s not one of my favourites. But honestly, how can I top the last two weeks? 😻



11 Replies to “Week 29 Planner Spread: British Summer”

    1. Me too 😀

      I’m sad to say I failed on the no spend, though. 😦 I went a bit mad at Hey Little Magpie. I’m going to have to print out a picture of the Macbook I want just to incentivise(?) myself because I’m really struggling not to spend money and it’s not even on stuff I need, most of the time! Except that printing something in colour requires that I buy new printer cartridges, so maybe not… 😂

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      1. Haha, maybe not that then. But I totally understand! When you’re trying to save money you always start buying things you don’t need. I’ve taken to spending loads on Christmas craft supplies just because they’re all half price this time of year!

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      2. Oh God, nooooo. I do actually need more Christmas supplies. I said I’d make my cards this year because they’re so expensive to buy (at least, the ones I like and that don’t feel like crap lol). But then, I also keep saying I’m going to just stock up in the January sales and then forget to do so, so I’m my own worst enemy, really.

        Pretty smart, buying now in the sales, though. I’m setting aside a few quid a month spending money and only shopping sales for the next few months. Good to know Christmas stuff will be included. ;D

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      3. Buying really nice cards can be expensive. I told my mom I’d make her Christmas cards for her this year – little did I realise how many! Apparently last year she sent out at least 60 cards and that’s when she had cut down on her list! So hers along with the ones I’ll be making for my pen pals…yup, best buy as many Christmas tags and paper packs while their half price! The Art&Hobby store near me has a basket full of half price Christmas stock so every time I’m in town I pick of a few pieces that range in price from €1 to €4 – so I never spend much in one go at least!

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      4. I was just about to ask where you were doing your shopping, because my usual online haunts either don’t have Christmas stuff on sale or it’s stuff I don’t really like. I can’t get to the store or I’d probably find a ton of stuff I could use and save a fortune!

        60 cards is a lot, and I thought my list was pretty huge at around 30! Most people don’t even seem to send cards these days, but I like making them, and I enjoy sending them. I think you’re in for it, though, especially if you plan to make each card individually. (I’ve started making batches and simplified a lot so it’s easier. My cards now are more like little notecards than the heavily embellished box cards I used to make!) I hope you have fun making them, though!

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      5. Limerick is a bit short on craft shops – there’s only two, an Art&Hobby and an independent craft store. They stock a lot of the same stuff though – mostly docrafts brand stuff. There’s a docrafts online shop, maybe check that out. If the stuffs on sale in shops, it might be on sale on the online store as well.
        I think to get through all the cards I’m gonna have to get my mom to divide the people up – those who you like most get heavily embellished, individualised handmade cards and everyone else gets simple ones! I’ll have to work out some designs for simple and quick make cards that still look like they’be taken a while to make – this is why it’s important to start early! Good thing Christmas is the only holiday that requires cards on mass, don’t think I could handle it if there were more holidays like it xD

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      6. Oh man, I know that feeling. Imagine twenty Christmases a year. O_O

        Thanks for the shop names and the suggestion about docrafts. I’ve never heard of Art&Hobby but The Works stocks some docrafts stuff. (It’s not on sale but it’s still pretty cheap and the papers look good. I just have to figure out what in my £100 basket I’m actually going to order… XD)

        Good idea about the website! I’m looking at it now. (I didn’t know Gorjuss was docrafts! :O) No sales, but you can get 15% off if you’re a club member (which I’m not). I’m bookmarking it, anyway 😀


      7. It’s so easy to fill an online basket, not so easy to make it reasonable! I went on to the docrafts site myself and started filling a basket because they had such good deals for stuff – lots of reasonably priced bundles and decoupage sheets for only 50p!

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      8. I’ve thought about buying decoupage papers to use for cardmaking but I don’t decoupage and I’m not sure how well it works for matting and layering, or die-cutting, and all that stuff.

        I’ve discovered Ali Express, though. Dammit. XD

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      9. Well when I start using the decoupage paper I have in more crafts, I’ll let you know how it well it works.
        Ah Ali Express – recently discovered that too, it’s where I got my super cheap scrapbook planners!

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