Week 28 Happy Planner Spread: Under the Sea

I’ve been wanting to do a marine spread for a good long while, now, but I could never quite wrap my head around it, and always wound up doing something else instead.

When the ladies in the Creative Planning group on Facebook gave us weekly prompts for July, I had to laugh when I saw what was on it. Alongside “summer fun” (which Week 27 could totally qualify as after the fact) was “under the sea”.

How could I put off my marine spread any longer? Especially when I found this awesome marine tape and ocean stickers from The Lovely Desk?


Week 28


Of course, it’s trickier than you might imagine to make an “under the sea” spread that’s not all blue and/or green. Luckily, I had the sudden thought (while I was drifting off to sleep, of course) that my gold foil tapes could totally pass for fish scales.


Week 28


I spent a lot of time sifting through my planning supplies in search of the perfect accompaniments. One of the journal cards from a Planner Society kit was the perfect colour scheme. One of the die-cut flower pieces from the June kit matched the colours just enough to look like underwater flora.

And one of the doilies I rediscovered a few weeks ago was large enough (cut in half) to cover up most of the yellow on the weekends — just enough to hint at sandy beaches rising up out of the water but still ensure the yellow didn’t overpower the ocean theme.


Week 28


Of course, then I had to hint at the beach even more, and the gold palm tree from the June kit was perfect for it (though I kind of wish I hadn’t used the marine tape on the doily because it kind of ruins the flow left to right of the ocean to the beach).


Week 28


As it turned out, I didn’t have much to say this week because I was worn out and spent most of my time either napping or playing city sims. I’m actually grateful for that, though; much more writing wouldn’t really have fit between the stickers. (Oops!) And for all that I love the doily and the Planner Society card, there’s not much room on either for a lot of journalling, anyway.

All in all, I am very happy with this week’s spread and couldn’t wait to use it. I suspect there will be more marine layouts in my future. How to make them different is going to be the trick!


Week 28



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