Week 27 Happy Planner Spread: Flamingos!

I’m loving so hard on this week’s spread, guys.


Most of the stickers are from The Planner Society’s June kit, as is one of the journal cards and one of the tapes. The other two tapes are from Michaels (part of the stash sent to me by a lovely lady in one of the Facebook planner groups since the store itself doesn’t ship to the UK).


Week 27


I was so excited to use this week in my planner. It’s so bright and summery and fun. The pink flamingos even match up with the pink colours in the Botanical Gardens Happy Planner this month — though part of the reason for the journal cards is to cover up the yellow on the weekends because it just doesn’t match the spread otherwise.

(I glued down the one on the bottom since it’s lined with enough room for tasks for the weekend — and as it happened, I didn’t do much because of a family visit on Saturday night.)


Week 27


I have to admit, I’m seriously regretting cancelling my subscription to The Planner Society. I’ve still got July’s to look forward to, though, and I hope to re-subscribe in the future.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to get creative with the supplies I’ve already got (shock horror!)



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